Why G-Shock Become The Toughest Watch In The World

If you happen to regularly look into every watch forum or go through a watch reviews website and you will soon enough find out the G-Shock is among the toughest watch in the word. Not for only for those who looking for a tough watch and could survive the knocks and bashed out during excessive sports activity or outdoor experience adventure such as mountain climbing and winter sport, but later on G-Shock also popular among military personnel, police, fireman and also is becoming unofficial choice of Special Force like a Navy Seal and Special Ops across the world.


G-Shock Collections

As we know, the shock resistance of Casio G Shock watches is one of the primary selling factors, however , today, every single G-Shock model features various functions and options, which help in making them excellent watches for outdoors men and adventurers as well as affordable with elegance fashion design and style.

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The Inventor of the G-Shock

Mr. Kikuo-Ibe. The Inventor of the G-Shock

It’s been almost 30 years when it released first time in 1983. In those days, it’s a break trough in watch manufacture industry; the earliest so-called unbreakable watch has born. The person behind this truly a work of genius is Kikuo Ibe. Mr. Ibe is Casio’s research and development chief engineering, the first designer that create the first G-Shock watch; The DW-5000C, a relatively innovative concept of a watch that could be dropped from the top of building but still not even destroy.

“In 1981, I dropped my watch and broke it; I was quite upset as it was a watch given to me by my father. So, I decided I needed a watch that would not break” said Mr. Abe.

Mr. Abe together with his team aim of a achieving labeled as “TRIPLE TEN” watch, the one that might survive a 100 meter free fall durability, that was water-resistant as much as 10 bar and then a battery would survive for 10 years.

With his precision and determination, with extensive exhausted both physically and psychologically after months of hard 24 hours work and more than 200 prototypes were tested by dropping them through the rooftops of the office building. Finally, the first G-Shock watch was created. The Casio G-Shock DW-5000C-1A.


The first G-Shock  – DW-5000C-1A

Ironically, in the beginning the watch reach the local store shelve, received only indifferent reaction in the country, Japan and only well known in certain marketplaces, Nevertheless it was successfully in overseas like US, due to its unique appearance.

The Casio G-Shock DW-500C featured the following:

  • Shock Resistance (To survive a fall from 10 meters)
  • Water resistance 200m
  • Alarm Function
  • Countdown Timer
  • 60 hours Stopwatch
  • 10 year battery

The DW-5000C only survived 1 year and was discontinued around 1984. The watch retailed around $150 when first released show up, today it’s a big collector’s item among G-Shock enthusiasts.

What makes Casio G-Shock Really Tough?

It’s not really a big secret the fact that G-Shock generally known as the toughest watch, ever since the first development they continuing to chase even greater toughness by utilizing an awesome technological capability.

G-Shock Hollow Case Construction

G-Shock Hollow Case Construction

Hollow Case Construction

This is actually unique and special case framework that enabled them to create very first G-SHOCK. The “secret” is to clear up exterior shocks by “floating” the component within the case with support at just one or two points. They also have subsequently succeeded in putting shock resistance to the component itself throughout further technological innovations.

G-Shock Directional Covering

G-Shock Directional Covering

All Directional Covering

Some sort of knobbly style helps to ensure that the buttons do not touch flat types of surface if the watch is dropped. Direct shocks to buttons attached to the module are generally prevented by an all-enclosing projecting bezel that will “assumes a defensive posture” to protect them against shocks and bumps.

Protecting a Key Parts

The crystal oscillators as well as other main parts within the module are independently protected by cushioning components. This helps prevent contact failures and incorrect operation due to unexpected distortions that could affect parts inside the module if the watch expert a strong shock.

G-Force Resistance

G-Shock achieves gravity amount of resistance that dramatically surpasses the highest level of 15G required for instruments just like flight data files recorders and also cockpit voice recorders by the constant acceleration test standards for aircraft equipment (ISO2669). Testing confirms that all the different functions, along with the 1/100-second stopwatch, perform normally within air racing besides other like gravitationally excessive conditions.

G-Shock in Low temp

G-Shock in Low Temperature

Low Temperature Resistance
Since G-SHOCK’s various functions maintain constant operation at low temperatures below freezing, you are able to rely on it within the most severe winter weather or high-mountain conditions. It’s already tested by one of G-Shock collector. The watch cooled in the freezer (ice) for 48 hours at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius and after 2 days, it boiled in boiling water of 100°C for about 10 minutes. The result : The time are still readable and the watch is properly function.

Vibration Resistance

G-SHOCK’s well-performing resistance to high-intensity vibrations makes it an excellent watch for wearing under these kinds of severe conditions as high-speed driving on harsh road types of surface.

Hammer Shock Resistance

G-Shock Hammer Test

G-Shock Hammer Test

G-SHOCK’s shock resistance provides you full protection for all its features, allowing for them to continue standard operations even when the watch can be struck by using a sludge hammer or some other hard, really heavy object.

Dropping Shock Resistance

In anticipation of the incalculable variety of shocks a watch may possibly experience while in use, they perform free-fall drop testing manually , that might be expected to create several situations every time. The aim is to confirm that every single function continues to perform normally, even with shocks no one could anticipate.

Water Pressure Resistance

They done by actually submerges the watch in water to make sure their water resistance. Sending them to water pressure corresponding to that at depths of 200 meters verifies but not only their water resistance abilities but also their resistance to extremely high pressure.

Electrical Current Resistance

G-SHOCK’s capability to resist electrical currents that might interfere with the operation of electronic components guarantees worry-free wear in situations where static electricity is probably going to happen.

G-Shock Always Applying New (bad-ass) Technology

Since its launch, G-SHOCK has continued to develop; people don’t realize how much time and energy from the individuals behind G-Shock engineer and designer have put into developing this type of watch. Not to mention the time spent on product testing. After 30 years later, G-Shock has consistently employing the latest and the hottest technology, and continuing to re-design the traditional function of the watch, beyond its “toughness” and innovation in watch design. So, what the newly technology innovation throughout the years

G-Shock Solar Technology

Tough Solar Technology

Tough Solar Technology

G-SHOCK Tough Solar technology is quite unique. Solar cells that are invisibly built-into the watch face transform even weak lightweight from fluorescent lighting into electrical energy that keeps charging the highly effective battery separately and without losing the world’s resources. Excessive energy is furthermore stored within the battery so the watch can easily perform at maximum capacity even during long periods of darkness. Even memory impact has been taken out, as the battery doesn’t reduce its capability. For any G-SHOCK models utilizing Tough Solar technology, replacing the battery is actually therefore something of the past.

G-Shock Automatic Adjustment Technology

The exact time continually! Every radio-controlled G-Shock has a small antenna that will obtain signals from around the globe so that you can ensure highly accurate timekeeping. Once set to the local time period zone, G-SHOCK continually shows the exact local time.

The G-SHOCK Multi Band 6 technology will get time calibration signals coming from six radio towers across the world, which usually transmit the time recognized by atomic clocks straight to the G-SHOCK. Transmitters from this kind are available in Germany, UK, US, China and also in the origin country; Japan.


G-Shock MTG-S1000BD-1A with Automatic Adjustment Technology

Merging Multi-functionality and Easy to Use

The hour, minute and second hands are managed by completely different axes and motors. These independently operated hand control systems have made it much simpler to use analogue watches, as they simply allow extremely highly accurate multi-functional displays to be applied, and reduce the amount of time spent changing the features.

The new LSI processor technology makes G-SHOCK greatly much easier to use thanks to a single electronic crown. The numerous functions are generally managed intuitively by turning and pressing the electronic crown. Configuring a number of functions no longer requires you to use a lot of buttons.

G-SHOCK with Bluetooth® v4.0

The G-Shock with Bluetooth® v4.0 (power-saving Bluetooth® technology) gives you battery-saving NFC technology concept at the touch of a button, throughout the day. The Bluetooth® v4. 0 connection helps you to access a host of handy features and functions for your iPhone your own Android smartphone, which includes incoming call and email alerts on your G-SHOCK, phone finder, link loss alert, automatic time adjustment, and much more.

G-Shock Bluetooth with Iphone

G-Shock GB-X6900B linking to the Iphone


All those things is required for these and many other functions is a single coin battery along with a battery life of two years, and anything is protected by the world-famous G-SHOCK shock resistance. All this and even more make the G-SHOCK much more sophisticated and sturdy than ever.

Having said that, what makes Casio G-Shock watch the toughest watch in the word and completely different from all the other watches typically because of their toughness and its resistance to shocks of any kind, knocks, vibrations, falls, even in the extreme temperature circumstances. Visually astonishing, but still stealth in its visual appearance and over the years always employing the latest technology.

From now on, you can actually wear your own G-Shock watch while mountain-biking, camping, hiking any other outdoor activities, Hopefully, G-Shock Watch will go wherever you go. Just browse our site,  you can found out more what kind of G-Shock model that suits you.

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