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G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster – The Best G-Shock Series 2015

When Casio introduced the first appearance of new G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000 series  at Baselword 2015, all it took was just one look at the gorgeous G-Shock on the display and you knew you wanted it. Since the officially released last month, it had received a lot of positive feedback from G-Shock enthusiasts and collectors around the world in terms of both design and features. The only “complaint” is that $750 USD retail price is rather relatively high price.


Regardless of the price tag, if you are here to find out what makes G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster become the best G-Shock Series for 2015?, well..you might read the rest of this post. 

Built to prevent intrusion by sand, mud or dust and to ensure reliable operation in the harshest environments, G-Shock GWG-1000 tough structure is prepared to support training and actual missions in environments such as jungles and deserts. It’s an ideal tool for rangers and rescue crews.


New G-Shock GWG-1000 combines features of the Mudman and Rangeman with an analog/digital hybrid display and case design that looks like a cross between the Aviation series and Rangeman series. Judging by its look and amount of details put into the design of this watch, making it the best looking tough tactical analog-digital G-Shock.







Then again, it is important that you understand that GWG-1000 series is one of the largest G-Shock watches; case size (56,1mm) and thickness depth (18mm). If you are looking for slick watch on the thinner size this is probably not your choice.

But, having tried it out myself at my local watch store, despite its rugged looks and BIG size case, the Mudmaster GWG-1000 is comfortable to wear and it actually doesn’t look real big or too big to my wrist. If you already own one of G-Shock Frogman series.. you know what I mean.


The new G-SHOCK GWG-1000 definitely constructed and designed for a variety tough environments. In other words, it’s designed with toughest structures. The buttons are protected against the entry of mud or dust with cylindrical guard structure and the cylindrical button shafts are fitted with gasket linings.


The structure not only protects the buttons against intrusion by dust and mud, but it also helps to relieve shocks to ensure that essential functions are available at all times and also to hold back on heavy duty operations. Thanks to GEL® (Alpha Gel) technology packed under and around the module, it’s protect the watch from malfunctions or damage due to vibrations.


So what about the features? The new G-Shock GWG-1000 series is an “ABC watch” with a Triple Sensor Ver.3; a built-in sensors that measure compass bearing, temperature, altitude, and atmospheric pressure.

  • Altitude – Measuring -700 m to 10,000 m (-2,300 ft to 32,800 ft.).
  • Barometric Pressure – Auto measurement, graphs air pressure every 2 hours and alarm notification for rapid pressure change.
  • Compass Bearing – Continuous direction finding for up to 60 seconds, measures and displays direction as one of 16 points with the second hand.
  • Temperature – Measures air temperature from -10°C to 60°C.



The GWG-1000 series has large hour and minute hands, large index marks and a front button, a compass bearing readout to help users pinpoint the right direction, as well as a barometer which is useful for predicting weather changes.

It also has Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 radio wave timekeeping, World time dial markers on the watch face for quicker change of time zone (29 time zones) and a sapphire crystal for extra scratch-resistance along with the standard shock and water resistance (200m) and also comes with double LED illumination to analog & digital display.

If we took the time to list all of its features, you’d nod off before the end of the article – not because I’d write it in a boring way, but because there are so many. The last one I’ll leave you with is the fact that despite its rugged, BIG, chunky looks; the Mudmaster GWG-1000 is comfortable to wear. See here for detail features.

For more quick look , here’s a promotional video reviewing and displaying it on an actual G-Shock GWG-1000 watch. Gotta look good on your wrist, right?.

G-Shock GWG-1000 Versus GG-1000 Series

While these two watches look tough and masculine, in fact, both of them have slightly different shades. If you look closer, the Mudmaster GG-1000 series is a smaller version of the Mudmaster GWG-1000 series, however with less features and price tag.


Quick comparation between G-Shock GWG-1000 (right) and G-Shock GG-1000 series (left) – image credit from UHforum.de

Below, I compare the specifications and features of the between G-Shock GWG-1000 and their “younger” brother, G-Shock GG-1000 series.

Update :
Casio G-Shock launch new versions of GWG-1000 series . The New G-Shock GWG-1000GB-1A “Master of G Black and Gold” hopefully will be released on October 2015 in Japan with ¥85,000 price tag excluding tax. Stay tune for updates. Here’s a quick look of new GWG-1000GB-1A :



Update :

Casio G-Shock Japan announced the new GWG-1000MH-1AJR Mudmaster for a December 2016 release. The new series are collaboration between Maharishi (well-known clothing store) with G-Shock featuring a fully customized “British Bonsai Forest” design.





Right now there are three many models to choose, the GWG-1000-1A (black), GWG-1000-1A3 (black with green olive band), GWG-1000-1A9 (black with yellow band),GWG-1000GB-1A (black with gold accents), GWG-1000RD-4A  (black and red bands with a blue dial ), GWG-1000DC-1A5 (Camouflage pattern) and GWG-1000MH-1A Maharishi (black with unique camouflage pattern).



From the Casio G-Shock site, the official retail price for GWG-1000 series between $600 – $850 USD (depending on the models). That might seem like a lot for a watch, but when you look at what the GWG-1000 does and you feel OK about paying a little more than the average watch cost, it suddenly becomes very, very reasonable.


Although average retail price is around $750 USD , you can get it or find it for less on discount price if you look at the sellers in the Amazon – some are below $600 USD!!..


The new G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000 series is definitely one of the most impressive great-looking G-Shock series today that merges highly advanced features with extreme durability and making it the best looking tough tactical analog-digital G-Shock. If you are looking for tough & tactical features on a watch, G-SHOCK MUDMASTER GWG-1000 will be that watch for you.

*image taken from : G-Shock.jp

Update – 2016.11.30

9.3 Total Score

The new Mudmaster GWG-1000 series is a great looking G-Shock that combines advanced features with extreme durability and takes the tactical analog-style G-Shock to a new level.

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    Duke   at  

    The features are excellent. While not intuitive, following the manual makes operating this device easy and fun. Once you’ve used the features, they are easy to remember. The features all work as advertised. The altimeter seems a little off. I set the altimeter to my location according to Google Earth. Seems to fluctuate +/- by several hundred feet after a while. It is a heavy watch. When jogging I know its on my wrist and can feel it move.

    + PROS: Overall this a great piece of gear that has a ton of features and should keep running forever. Would recommend to anybody.
    – CONS: The only thing that holding me back from five stars is the size. I know it’s intended to be big, but this thing is a behemoth! You will get used to it, and it doesn’t look on obnoxious, but it is bigger than most any other G-Shock.
  2. Reply
    Mechelle   at  

    I bought watch under the impression it was a mudman. I cannot find anything like it online. I need help.

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