Sneak Peak New G-Shock at Baselworld 2015

During Baselworld 2015, Casio G-Shock introduced their new line of G-Shock watches that includes the latest hybrid timekeeping system concept. The GPW-1000T and GPW-1000TBS, GWG-1000, and MRG-G1000RT.


New G-Shock MRG-G1000RT. Best looking G-Shock ever!

The MRG-G1000RT in my opinion is one of the best looking G-Shock ever, not just because it’s part of Casio’s G-Shock Limited Edition series and Premium range of higher end watches but also their remarkable design and features. So, here’s the recaps. 

G-Shock GPW-1000T and GPW-1000TBS Hybrid System

Both G-Shock GPW-1000T and GPW-1000TBS base on G-Shock GPW-1000 series that includes their latest hybrid timekeeping system and can receives both Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio wave time-calibration signals.

new GPW-1000T_GPW-1000TBS

New G-Shock GPW-1000T and G-Shock GPW-1000TBS

The bezel and the back case are made from lightweight, rust-resistant titanium retaining their the toughness appearance. Compared to the GPW-1000, these new GPW-1000T and GPW-1000TBS approximately 10% less weight than its predecessor yet maintains the the distinct feel of metal. The bezel is made from hard Ti64 alloy to resist stresses to this part of the watch, making for a rugged and scratch-resistant design.


The GPW-1000TBS with gold and black ion plating

The GPW-1000TBS is a Basel Special series with gold and black ion plating, expressing the toughness of a G-SHOCK watch that can survive extreme conditions.

G-Shock GWG-1000 Designed for Tough Environments

G-Shock GWG-1000 “MUDMASTER,”combines features of the Mudman and Rangeman with an analog/digital hybrid display and case design that looks like a cross between theGWA-1100 Aviation series and the Rangeman series.


Judging by its look, the new G-SHOCK GWG-1000 definitely constructed and designed for a variety tough environments. In other words, it’s designed with indestructibility in mind . The buttons are protected against the entry of mud or dust, to ensure that essential functions are available at all times. The watch also offers vibration resistance to hold back on heavy duty operations.



The GWG-1000 has large hour and minute hands, large index marks and a front button, a compass bearing readout to help users pinpoint the right direction, as well as a barometer which is useful for predicting weather changes.



The GWG-1000 also powered up with Tough Solar charging and Multi Band 6 time synchronization along with the standard shock and water resistance (200m).



Other features include low temperature resistance to -10°C or 14°F, world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, auto-calender, and LED backlight. The watch measures 59.5 × 56.1 × 18.0 mm and weighs approximately 100 grams.

G-Shock MRG-G1000RT – Inspired by Japanese traditional craftsmanship

The new G-SHOCK MRG-G1000RT base on Casio MRG-G1000 Series; an advanced watches system that receives both Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio wave time-calibration signals and offers Dual Dial World Time, which simultaneously displays the time in two different cities.


MRG-G1000RT base on MRG-G1000 series

The MRG-G1000RT has a gold and black color scheme with a black bezel. The MRG-G1000RT is inspired by the pattern characteristic found in the steel of traditional Japanese swords; nie. The bezel and metal plate are made from an alloy that has been hardened by a re-crystallization process, the effect of which is a superior reflective finish that changes color depending on the viewing angle and lights.

New G-Shock MRG-G1000RT

New G-Shock MRG-G1000RT

The MRG-G1000RT also features gold-colored front screws and index marks on the watch face, and a deep “Japan blue” DLC coating.



If MRG-G1000RT sounds like the watch you’ve been waiting for, you have to hurry, because Casio is only producing 100 examples around the world and will be on sale in the autumn of 2015 with £4,500 price tag.

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