Top 5 Best Watches With Tritium Technology – The Buying Guide

If you are like me and you love a good watch, chances are you have seen the latest technology in watches, which is TRITIUM. Basically, the unique feature of the tritium watch is, well..it can be seen in the dark. The tritium combined with a unique paint create a glowing effect that shines in the dark allowing you to see the numbers no matter what time of night or day it is.

Many tritium watches have a military design, especially if you are looking for one from a manufacturer such as Luminox, Ball, Traser, etc. Many other manufacturers use tritium technology to make a viewable watch as well.


Luminox watches equipped with a unique self-powered tritium technology.

If you have been thinking about buying a Tritium watch, there are a few things that you should think about as you are reading reviews of the different tritium watches that are available.

Here are some tips to help you get started, followed by some information about some of my top choices of tritium watches.

Brightness Levels

When choosing a tritium watch, chances are you want it so that you will be able to see your watch even in the dark. There are two types of these watches currently available. These are the T25 and the T100. You may see the T100 listed as just T.

Typically; the T100 watches glow a bit brighter. The number 25 and 100 refers to some Tritium millicuries are contained within the vials of the watch.



When you are spending a sum of money on a particular watch, you’ll want to make sure that you are also covered if something happens to the watch. So, most tritium watches come with at least a one or two year warranty.

Also, most of the time the warranty will not cover any scratches on the face of the watch or other similar damage. The warranty will typically only cover issues that occur on the inside of the watch with one of the working parts. Make sure that you read the details of the warranty before making your purchase.

Tritium Source

Most of the tritium that is used in these watches comes from Switzerland. The company that produces the majority of the tritium that is used is MB-Microtec AG. If the tritium used in the watch comes from MB-Microtec AG, you will often find the seal of the company located somewhere on the watches.


Under the trigalight® brand, mb-microtec provides a unique technology for the defense and watch industries. image courtecy : www.mbmicrotec.com

Another company that supplies tritium is SRB Technologies, which is based in Canada. There are no tritium watch companies that currently state that they use products from SRB Technologies, but it is likely that the watchmakers that do not disclose the supplier they are using to get the tritium from SRB Technologies.

There are also some rumors from watch forums or Reddit discussion that state there is a company in China that produces tritium for watch manufacturers as well, but this information has not been verified.


Tritium can glow in many different colors. The colors that it glows will be based on the paint coating that is used on the tubes of the watch. Green is recommended for several reasons, including the fact that it is easiest to see in the dark.


Brightness yield level

There are several other color options available as well including, white, yellow, and light blue. These three colors are an excellent option for those who do not see the green color correctly. Red, dark blue, and orange colors are available as well, but these quite harder to see for some people.


The best tritium watches typically have cases made out of stainless steel. Carbon Reinforced Polycarbonate or CRPC is often used for cases as well. When choosing a case made from CRPC make sure to check the strength.

You can find good quality tritium watches that use CRPC and come with a price tag of under $250, which is ideal for many people. However, some people do not like this material as it can break easily. If you plan on wearing your watch daily, it is often worth the investment of purchasing one made from stainless steel.

What Type of Glass is Used?

Another thing to consider is the type of glass that is used to make the screen. There are many types of materials that can be used for this.

To lowered the cost of the watch, there are some manufacturers use mineral glass. This is similar to the type of glass that is used for many home windows. A premium watch will use sapphire crystal for the screen.

Sapphire crystal is incredibly strong, which makes it less prone to being scratched. Scratches can affect how the light glows on the watch at night, which is one reason you want to consider the type of glass that is used on the watch that you choose.

Tritium watches that use sapphire crystal are more expensive than those that use standard mineral crystal. When looking at tritium watches, it is safe to assume that mineral crystals are used unless it specifically states in the description that sapphire glass has been used.

Finding The Best Tritium Watches

When it comes to finding the best tritium watches, you will want to choose one that is comfortable to wear, will let you see during the dark hours, and will provide you with years of use. The guide above can help you while you are reading through reviews of the best tritium watches so that you choose one that is right for you.

To help get you started, here is a list of some of the top selling watches that use tritium technology.

Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 3050 Series

The Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 3050 Series of tritium watches were designed using a military theme. This watch keeps very accurate time using a quartz crystal and is powered by a reliable battery that will last about 4 years before needing to be replaced. Read here what makes Luminox made for perfect visibility.


Luminox Navy Seal Colormark 3050 Series

The watch is shock resistant and can withstand water depths of up to 200 meters. This means you can wear the watch scuba diving, snorkeling, and while you are doing almost any type of outdoor activity.

The case is made from a carbon reinforced plastic that is very durable. The watchband is made from a combination of rubber, polyurethane, and silicone. The watch face is protected by a hardened mineral crystal that is very reflective.

The watches come with a 2-year warranty for defects. This warranty does not include damage to the crystal, stem, band, or crown. This watch does not have a stopwatch feature or chronograph, which means that you will not be able to time lapse either on the track or in the pool, but it does have a lot of great features.

Overall, this is a high-quality tritium watch that has a robust and rugged design. It can stand the test of time even in some of the harshest conditions.

Price. The Luminox Colormark 3050 series is $300-$350 USD, but you but you can find it for less if you look at the sellers in the Amazon sidebar – some are below $300. You can learn more about the specifications of this watch and read more reviews on Amazon.
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Traser Tritium 6600 TYPE 6 MIL-G Series

The Traser Tritium 6600 Type 6 MIL-G series is a high-quality watch made in Switzerland. This watch was designed for professional and military use and is worn by soldiers, and emergency service personnel throughout the world.

The face of the watch uses a trigalight® that is designed to last for at least ten years. The light runs independently from the battery and does not use solar charging. The face can easily be read during both the day and the night.

Traser Tritium 6600 MIL-G Series

The watch is powered by a 517.6 D quartz movement. The case is black carbon fiber and resin and measures 45 mm in diameter and is 13 mm thick. The face is protected by a mineral crystal and has a screw down crown. The watch is water resistant to up to 660 feet.

The bezel consists of coated black steel and rotates in both directions. It has ratchet stops with a green dot for each hour and an orange mark at the 12. The strap is made of a sturdy nylon and closes with a stainless steel buckle.

The watch comes with a two-year warranty. This warranty does not cover the crystal dome, and if you purchase this watch, you must have the battery replaced by the warranty center.

Overall, this is an excellent watch for professionals that need a watch that can withstand severe environments.

Price. This is a high-quality watch for the price – between $350 – $400 USD. You can read more reviews about this watch and purchase it on Amazon.
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Deep Blue Daynight T100 Series

When it comes to tritium watches, the Deep Blue Daynight T100 series is a solid choice. The case is made of steel and is very thick and solid. It measures 45 x 52 x 15 mm. This is a large watch but has smart proportions.

The top of the case has a diver’s bezel with a 120 click mechanism that has a light and precise snap. The bezel edge has periodic deep cuts instead of an edge texture to provide more grip. The crown is a screw down that measures 8mm x 4mm. The wide and flat design of the crown is well proportioned for the case.


The dial of this watch is bold and clean. The main surface is matte black and has an inner circle that features a waveform pattern. There is a various text written within the pattern. The main index is made from rectangular tritium tubes that are flat and large.

The watch is mounted on a heavy steel bracelet. The end links measure 22 mm and are quite solid. The bracelet tapers from 22mm to 20mm.

Overall, the Deep Blue Daynight T100 series offers a quality dive watch for those who want a larger style tritium watch. The build is impressive especially the sturdy and polished bezel mechanism.

Price. This is a good watch for the price – retail price around  $300 – $350 USD. You can learn more about what other people think about this watch on Amazon.
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Marathon TSAR Series

The Marathon TSAR is a top of the line dive watch that everyone should have on their list. This watch has a stainless steel case that measures 36 mm and is 13 mm thick. The band material of the watch is made of silicone rubber, and the width of the band is 18mm.

The Bezel is made from stainless steel, and its function is unidirectional. The dial window is made of anti-reflective sapphire. The Marathon TSAR has a water resistance depth of up to 1000 feet.


Inside the watch, you will find a 3 jewel F06 quartz movement that is accurate to 0.3 to 0.5 seconds per day. It includes an end of life indicator to advance the second hand every 4 seconds when the battery is running low.

This watch is a medium version of the original line of diver’s watches from Marathon. The watch is made in Switzerland, which guarantees the highest levels of quality in both accuracy and manufacturing.

Overall, this is a very solid watch that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. One issue with this watch is that it has a “busy” face that makes it difficult to see at times. Some people do not like the small size of the watch, and there have been complaints about the clasp of the bracelet.

However, if you are looking for a smaller tritium watch option, you can learn more about the Marathon TSAR on Amazon.
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Ball Fireman Storm Chaser Series

Buying a great watches mainly depends on your budget. If money doesn’t concern you, then this watch is perfect for you.. well, to me actually. ?

The Fireman Storm Chaser series from Ball is simply a clean, attractive modern chronograph watch that packs a serious knock. And on top of that, it boasts the solid build and the tritium tube technology. Here, a T-25 volume of tubes is used (Ball sometimes goes up to T-100).

Ball-Fireman-Storm Chaser DLC Glow

Inside the watch, you will find Ball movement Automatic Caliber RR1402. Beyond the decoration, however, what really makes the RR1402 stand out is its toughness, with a claimed 5,000 G of shock resistance.

The Fireman Storm Chaser comes in a 42mm wide steel case with 15.8mm height. With a relatively thin bezel, the watch wears a bit larger than it is, and the bezel insert is aluminum and it has an Anti-reflective convex sapphire crystal.

While it’s certainly got the excellent features, visibility, and rock-solid toughness, its clean, attractive design and solid value make it a great choice for anyone looking for a quality chronograph.

Price. It might be an expensive watch at $2,000 USD retail, but even at that price, it’s a very, very reasonable. If you haven’t had the chance to check out what Ball can offer on Amazon, seriously give this one a look.


If you are looking for a sturdy watch to wear that you can see in even the darkest hours, tritium watches are definitely something to consider. This great technology allows you to see your watch in the dark by using tritium technology.

There are many great tritium watches available, and you should be able to easily find one that is within your price range and meets your needs.

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