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G-Shock Frogman Series : A Beast On The Wrist

Well, I do like watches to a certain extent, especially G-Shock watch, but I’m nowhere near to being called crazy bad-ass collector for them. Because, when I want to buy a watch, I just want a watch that looks stylish or maybe a bit eye-catching, as well as something that is tough and durable enough for me, besides of course coming with the basic things I need.

G-SHOCK_FROGMAN_logoJust like I mentioned before in previous post about “when we talked about a tough watch” – when I’m thinking about watches, there are two kind of type. The first one is fashion watch and the other is just what I called  “A REAL” watch. . and G-Shock Frogman is one of the REAL watch in the market today.

Personally, I’m usually buy stuff that I can afford with something relatively cheap and moderately attractive and also always choose for the things I love to wear. However, G-Shock Frogman is exceptional. As you can see, Casio G-Shock Frogman GWF-1000 is one of my choice for the most toughest watches.  It makes you change your preferences, and, it makes you wanna have this bad-ass watch.

Ready to dive right in?

Let’s get to it! 

Basically, the G-Shock Frogman is a high-end model of the Casio G-Shock line of watches and the toughest G-Shock watch among Master G Series as the most professional watch designed for special uses especially for divers.

Firstly,  NO, I’m not a diver, not in the slightest. In fact, I couldn’t even imagine being one. So, this awesome watch still managed to win your heart, you’d say? Well, I don’t think if you’ve to be something specific just for owning something exceptional and truly beautiful.

Even if you do, I’d rather choose to care less about it. After all, after reading a bit about this watch, and taking a closer, deeper look, at its pictures, I think one just needs a reason to own it. Be it any damn reason, regardless of how less genuine or even stupid it is! .

Anyway, I think I’ll stop with my personal craziness I’ve developed towards this little beauty. Well, not actually, as it’s a pretty BIG in size. We’ll now take a look at what makes guys go crazy for this watch, or at least some of them.

The Journey of The Frogman Series

Let’s go back. The first G-Shock Frogman model (DW-6300) was released in November 1993, since then the Frogman became very popular under G-Shock lovers and many special editions have been released. Until now, Frogman has experienced five evolution.


First Generation of Frogman DW-6300 and Fifth Generation Frogman GWF-1000

In 1993, the first generation of Frogman, G-Shock DW-6300 was published, followed by the DW-8200 the second generation In June 1995 and one of most popular G-Shock series in the 90’s.


In April 1999 the DW-9900 model was introduced and become the third generation of Frogman. In term in design and function, there were no breakthrough improvement, also no special works which makes the DW-9900 seems to be a less popular model as it was soon followed up with the solar-powered GW-200 models in June 2001.


The last GW-200 series Frogman is the GW-200Z-1JF “Final Frogman” that was released in November 2009.

The last fourth generation Frogman of GW-200 series is the GW-200Z-1JF “Final Frogman” that was released in November 2009.  There were many masterpieces among the fourth generation Frogman watches, like GW-200CF-7 (G-Shock Camo Frogman), GW-200F-3JR (GREEN KERMIT “Love The Sea And The Earth”, the first big green Frogman) or my favorite Frogman the GW-200MS (G-Shock Military Inspired- Man In Black Series).


Fourth generation of Camouflage Frogman – GW-200CF-7 *image from @sharkfindave


G-Shock Frogman Military Inspired SeriesGW-200MS. Really love this big old Frogman.

G-Shock GWF-1000 – The Fifth Generation Of The FROGMAN Series

Introduced on September 2009 in Japan, GWF-1000 represents the fifth generation of the Frogman series. The GWF-1000 is the latest addition to the Frogman line and took on a significant design change compared from the long-running GW-200.  Its price has also more than doubled with a list retail price around $500 – $600 USD.


G-Shock GWF-1000 is more powerful G-Shock watch than ever.

While its predecessor utilized Solar Power and Dive Timer as its backbone; Atomic Timekeeping and Tide & Moon Graphs have now been added to GWF-1000 series for Non-Stop, Self-Adjusting performance and also ISO rated for 200m water resistance.

The toughest watch on planet – Should be a diver’s favorite for sure!

G-Shock Frogman also is the only ISO 6425-compliant G-Shock line with a 200 m Divers rating, so it’s actually considered to be an ideal watch for divers, and seemingly specifically designed for them.

However, there are also many other diver watches out there, all claim to be tough enough. I’ve nothing against them though, but I still find it worth mentioning that if they’re tough enough, it’d make one rethink their definition for toughness.

It’s easily the toughest watch that has ever been put on a wrist. I’ve even read that it has gone through some crazy tests, including being boiled and going till 1000 ft deep in the water. I doubt if I need to talk more on this front.


Coming to divers, they obviously like toughness. They need it at every stage of the activity. They go through a lot of challenges, and so does the watch they wear. Hence, nowadays, there is an altogether different class of watches dedicated to divers. However, the G-Shock Frogman stands out from that class as well. It boosts of being in a class of its own, far superior than all its counterparts.

Can be just as good as every men’s watch

Well, again, this watch comes with everything guys would love to have in their watch. So, it’s surely not something reserved for the divers. It comes with looks that give even some of the most luxurious watches out there a run for their money. Not that it looks similar to them, but it does look classy. If they make people take a second look at them, it’d make them transfixed at itself.


G-Shock Frogman is the only ISO 6425-compliant G-Shock models with a 200 m Divers rating. *image courtesy of Vade_R

Also, to put simply, it looks pretty sophisticated, innovative, and not to mention, extremely classy. Simply by looking at the pictures you can tell that this is a watch designed to be sturdy.

Comes with features you can’t even dream of

It just doesn’t look sophisticated, it indeed is. It comes with a ton of features that every guy will be amazed at, regardless of whether they use them frequently or not. Other people too may get more than curious about these highly advanced and innovative features.

What makes the Frogman so different that other G-Shock models? All G-Shock’s are water resistant up to 200 meters but the Frogman has a screw lock back and is the only G-Shock that is ISO certified to 200 meters.

Stainless steel construction

Talk about being durable. Its stainless steel construction ensures a supremely high level of durability and top notch build quality. The latest Forgman GWF-1000 for example, the bezel and back employs a stainless steel construction with the addition of diamond-like coating (DLC) to improve corrosion resistance.


Back case with Diamond Like Coating (DLC)


Well, there’s a reason these watches last for well over 10 years. Its earlier versions are still well known for their durability, but this latest version goes a step further.

Heavier but perfect fit

Coming with a high quality stainless steel body makes it a bit heavier than its other counterparts, but surprisingly it still turns out to be a great fit on your wrist.

Yes it’s big and while it is heavier than other titanium watch and for some people feel it’s not uncomfortable when wearing it, but personally, I’ll happily walk around with this “big ugly watch” on my wrist, probably looking a bit ridiculous to everyone but myself. It may take a short while to get used to it, but it’ll be worth it.


Base on G-Shock GF-8200. This new GF-8250K “Love The Sea and The Earth” is suitable for “tough ladies”.


As mentioned above, it’s pretty normal to see it last for well over ten years. However, if you aren’t a very adventurous person, it might as well last your whole lifetime, and allow you to pass it on to your son. I’m sure he’ll find it worth treasuring too.

Functions that could amaze anyone

The current Frogman GWF-1000 has a diver timer, tide graph, moon age display, 31 different time zones, surface measurement feature, and what not! It comes with a bunch of features which you may usually use only occasionally, or sometimes may not use at all, but you’d still find them worth having. It’d probably still feel good to have something on your wrist that’s full of such advanced things.


Also, that’s not all. It comes with quite a lot of features that’ll turn out to be useful in one’s daily life as well, such as four alarms, calendar, stopwatch, and a lot more.

Furthermore, it comes with a self charging feature, using solar energy. Isn’t this really awesome? Well, there’s so much you’d be able to brag about this watch, besides of course all the adventures you’re going to do with this beast on your wrist. See here for detail specification of GWF-1000.

Also, for the most part G-Shock Frogman it’s made and imported from Japan so you know that it’s bound to surprise you on the technological front. That doesn’t mean it’s higher quality or more reliable than a non-Japan made G-Shock, but some people think it is more prestigious as most G-Shocks are made outside of Japan.

G-Shock Frogman Collection

In 2015, after releasing Frogman Love the Sea and the Earth series (GF-8250K-4JR) which turned into one of G-Shock’s most loved model, a new addition to the Frogman collection was introduced. The new addition was the GF-8250CM series and comes with navy blue camo – blue green EL and also packed with distinguishing Frogman features. The camo version of newest Frogman GF-8250CM Camo series looks a tougher than the rest in similar models.


New Frogman GF-8250CM series looks tougher than before.

High price? Not really!

Maybe the only problem you’ll find with this watch is its relatively high price. For instance, the price tag for G-Shock GWF-1000 Frogman Series is around $500 USD or the latest non atomic Blue Camouflage Frogman GF-8250CM-2JR has a retail price around $500 USD. See here for the live price of all G-Shock Frogman models.

Why is the G-Shock Frogman so expensive? In my opinion, except Frogman, all the other G-Shock model’s currently available are not dive rated, plus it does have the higher end titanium case and a build quality a step up from most of the standard G-Shock models. That is why Frogman series is more expensive.

G-Shock GWF-T1030A -1JR- Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Frogman Rising Red – limited to 300 pcs

GWF-1000 series Frogman also liked to use precious metals or stones to the model, so their price was much higher, for example, the special limited edition G-Shock GWF-T1000BS-1JR or GWF-T1030A-1JR , the second-hand price was more than $1000 USD.. wow!.


G-Shock Frogman GWF-T1000BS-1JR with Ruby stone limited to 200 pcs

But if you are looking to buy a G-Shock Frogman with limited budget, the highly popular GF-8250ER-2 or GWF-1000-1 will be the ones that you want to be looking at.

However, given the level of durability it comes with, the price isn’t actually that high. You’ll be able to use it for years, as I’m sure it’ll probably never go out of style. Also, everything about it is so cool. It’ll probably enhance your personality, and instill a sense of confidence in you.

Do you still feel its priced high?

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