Surf’s Up Guys! New G-Shock G-Glide GWX-5600WB-5JF and GWX-5600WA-7JF Series

G-Shock Japan announces the expansion of its G-Lide “Surfing” line with the launch of G-Shock GWX-5600WA-7JF and GWX-5600WB-5JF series and both series base on original 5600 models and has a unique striped pattern on the bezel and band design – remind you on vintage wooden surfboards that make you feel surf culture.

new-g-shock-g-lide-GWX-5600WA-7JF and GWX-5600WB-5JF

Newest G-Shock G-Glide GWX-5600 series – release May 2017

G-Shock GWX-5600WB-5JF series come with brown and light brown stripes and has a negative LCD display. It’s a great choice for fans of the classic look, but want to add a bit more style.

White is by far the most popular colors for G-Shocks, so G-Sock GWX-5600WA-7JF come with white and gray stripes and a standard (positive) LCD display.

G-Shock-GWX-5600WA-7JF and GWX-5600WB-5JF-G-Lide

G-Shock G-Lide GWX-5600WB-5JF (left) and GWX-5600WA-7JF series (right)


Since G-Shock released the first G-Glide GWX-5600 models back in June 2010, I always loved these “basic a 5600 style” models. Let alone they added updated functionality with tide & moon data features.

Old-G-Shock-G-Lide-GWX-5600-1JF and GWX-5600B

First models of G-Shock G-Lide GWX-5600 series – release June 2010

The G-Shock G-LIDE series is specially designed for action water sports to all people who enjoy spending time on the beach and in water. The tide and moon data will help you; especially surfers determine when the waves will be at their top peak.

The new G-Shock GWX-5600WA-7JF and GWX-5600WB-5JF series packed with useful functions. The long list of features includes:

  • Tough Solar.
  • Multiband 6.
  • Tide/Moon features (8 segment moon-phase).
  • EL backlight with afterglow .
  • Stopwatch 60min, with split.
  • World time with 31 time zones and 48 cities (a city code display and daylight saving included).
  • It also has five multi-function Alarms plus one snooze alarm (the feature found in almost all G-Shock products), as well as flash alerts.
  • Timer: this one is nice – two consecutive 99min 55sec timers – stable in 1-sec increments with up to 10 times auto-repeat and an excellent double-tone sound at the end


Both G-Shock G-Shock GWX-5600WA-7JF and GWX-5600WB-5JF has size dimensions 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4 mm with total weight 56g.

With a 13.4mm thick, GWX-5600 series is considered one of the slimmer G-Shock series, and it’s amazing how well G-Shock was able to implement a full tide graph feature into this relatively slim watch with a smaller *module.

  • module number of GWX-5600WB-5JF: 3222
  • module number of GWX-5600WA-7JF: 3215

G-Lide GWX-5600 series is one of the slimmer G-Shock watches at 13.4mm thick.


Both G-Shock GWX-5600WA-7JF and GWX-5600WB-5JF are great, and it’s tough to pick a favorite between two of them. You can have these up for around ¥26,000 +tax or around $230-$250 and available in May 2017. See here if they were available on Amazon.

The Drawback

Basically, there’s not much you can complain about GWX-5600 series. But, the biggest criticism for some people is readability of the Negative Display models.

For some people, they believe the whole neg display is not for them and it’s hard to see the info on the watch – it’s great in outdoors but barely readable indoors (or opposite).


Personally, I already got used to the negative display, so it’s not as big a problem as I first thought (in the end I already have a bunch of negative display G-Shocks ). So for me, it doesn’t really bother me because that’s what the EL is there for. 🙂

G-Shock GWX-5600 series – Other Models

Being G-Lides with a tide graph makes them a perfect choice for beach activities like surfing.
If you want more an attractive color, there are several brightly colored versions Of GWX-5600 series to choose. Having all in your watch box wouldn’t be bad at all. 🙂

G-Shock G-Lide GWX-5600-1JF [Japan Import]

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G-Shock G-Lide GWX-5600C-7JF [Japan Import]

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G-Shock G-Lide GWX-5600C-4JF [Japan Import]

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G-Shock G-Lide GWX-5600C-4

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