New G-SHOCK GA-2000 Series – More Strength, Style, and Customization.

This time, we take a look of Casio G-Shock GA-2000 series, the models that turn into a phenomenon since it’s arrival (around April 2019) and become next step of evolution of G-Shock watches when it comes to materials and design.

I want to say I’m liking about this new series.

Before we get into the fun details about this new GA-2000 series, let’s dive in a little bit into the topic of new materials used by G-Shock before discussing the structure and features of the watch.

New Material?

Although Casio claims in their promotion of this new material evolution, that the first material used for G-Shocks was resin, followed by metal that we have seen in recent years and finally reaching carbon-fiber technology. That is not entirely true.

You see, If you’ve already done your research, the first generation of G-Shocks was made with metal cases shrouded with resin protection, then in the mid-’90s Casio switched to using resin for the cases which is just a fancy word for plastic.

And although plastic made watches, even more, shock resistant doesn’t make them lighter and absorbed part of the impact force, it always gave the impression like Casio G-Shock was cutting cost and gave them a feeling of cheapness compared to their historical metal case models.

Metal or screw back models are still available through G-Shock premium and anniversary models, but the regular, affordable G-Shock was still made of plastic.

That is finally changing with GA-2000 series, and I do hope the rest of the G Shock lineup will follow.

G-Shock GA-2000 series offers a new urban outdoor style with a sleeker look.

Carbon Core Guard structure – New shock resistant structure protects modules with a carbon fiber reinforced resin case.

Dual-Layered case back

The model still uses a metal plate for the case-back, but it’s hidden under the fiberglass base that also serves as locks.

The case itself is made of carbon, and he screwed onto the base, and the outer bezel is still made of rubbery resin to absorb impacts and take a beating.

I love the fact they kept that concept as that is what makes G-Shocks such a genius design- another shock resistance, although that is what sell them.

The fact you can replace the outer protective shell when it gets scratched up, making the watch look like it’s brand new is the real advantage behind the design.

Design Structure

So what did we get with the introduction of this new carbon core structure?

First of all, we got material that sounds much more premium than plastic.

With 48.7 mm casing dimensions (51.2 x 48.7 x 14.1 mm), the GA-2000 series is relatively small compared to other G-shock series such as GA-700, GA-110, GA-100, and others. So for those of you who have problems with dimensions, it will sound less intimidating.

Secondly, the watch is made using this will be very light even this at only 64 grams for an analog 200 meter water-resistant and shock-resistant watch – is insanely light.

Especially considering it has at least two stepper motors inside. A part of that lightness comes from the fact that this case it doesn’t require the use of steel tubes for button shafts nor do the buttons require any additional protection as they did on so many other G shocks.

This not only makes the watch look more streamlined but also makes buttons very accessible and easy to use.

Easy to use button

The days of using the tip of your fingernail to press the recessed adjust button or trying to unscrew a crown protected so well it takes you a serious effort to use it at all.

On all the new carbon core models, everything is exposed and easy to reach, showing just how confident Casio G-Shock is about the new material.

But one of the best things about these new models is that Casio used the opportunity to redesign the lugs and straps.

Interchangeable Band

Finally switching to classical is shaped attachment and the fact that they included quick release spring bars, means you can now change this watch to any strap you want, and that opens a whole new world of customization.

We saw that on the Pro-Trek models for years, and people kept asking why Casio doesn’t apply the same concept to G-Shocks. Well, there you have it, your prayers have been answered.

The usage of classical lugs also means the strap can articulate freely, making the watch fit smaller and larger wrists much better.

The bands can lay completely flat with the case and are easily removable.

Regular G-Shocks always had a fixed angle at which the strap leaves the case and if your wrist didn’t fit that angle it would make the watch look odd, with this, that problem no longer exists.

Specs and Features

Despite being an entry-level analog-digital, G-Shock GA-2000 series comes with both a 24-hour stopwatch and a 24-hour countdown timer. The timer is also settable down to the second something missing on so many newer G-Shock.

It also comes with five alarms and a world time function with instant time swap between home and world time for regular travelers.

Disc dial A – Complex disc dial at 9 o’clock indicates the current watch mode.

Other features include 200-meter water resistance, world time, five alarms, hourly time signal, dual Super Illuminator LED lights, and estimated 3-year battery life.

How Much? G-Shock GA-2000 series has a price list around $130 – $150 USD (depending on the model), but you can find it for less if you look at the sellers in the Amazon sidebar – some are below $120.

Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?

By my raving about the new G-Shock GA-2000 series, you might think I’ve found my rail, but you’d be wrong, there are things I dislike about the watch.

The fact that the illumination still SUCKS is one of them. And the fact that the screws at the front case are fake and don’t connect to the ones on the underside even though it appears they do is another.

The Super Illuminator function supposed to lights up the dial and LCD with high-intensity light, 

I’m not a fan of negative display of G-Shock. Don’t get me wrong, I have both positive and negative display G-Shock in my locker and obviously, the negatives are more difficult to read.

It just depends on what catches your eye and if you like the look. Some people may have worse eyesight than others so they would go with a positive display.  I think a positive display is more suitable for me.

The usage of a plastic buckle is yet another and to be honest, although the watch does sound and feel a premium compared to a regular resin G-Shock. A screw back model from the past still looks and feels much more premium.


But the reason I’m so excited about this watch is not the watch itself, but the concept behind it and the direction Casio is heading to with G-Shock.

There is so much to like about these changes that the flaws are easily ignored and I can’t wait to see what else within the carbon core lineup comes up in the future.

Casio G-Shock GA-2000 Series: All Models.

Currently, the GA-2000 series available with several different models and colors available, the latest are black and white bezel of GA-2000S series.

*This page will be updated as new models are released.


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Casio G-Shock GA-2000-3A Series

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CASIO G-Shock GA-2000E-4JR Series

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G-Shock GA-2000 Series will set a new standard for strength and durability. This Carbon Core Guard structure style boasts a military-inspired beige resin case that is reinforced with lightweight carbon fiber for added resilience and shock resistance.

  • Awesome design
  • Carbon core guard
  • Size is not to Big not to Small.
  • Come with different colors variations
  • Interchangeable Band
  • Reasonable Price
  • Back-light could be a little brighter
  • Not a fan of negative display
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