Tough Watch

When I’m Finally Decided to Select a Tough Watch

Normally a watch simply shows you the time, but to me, it’s a lot more just something you put around in your wrists. Selecting a toughest watch that you will use and keep it for many years to come, is really a fun and challenging. Select a tough watch should be suitable to the activities for which you plan to use it. I believe, when I’ talking about watches, there are two kind of type. The first one is fashion watch and the other is just what I called a “REAL” watch.

Fashion watches commonly watches that carry out a popular designer or widely recognized luxury brand name. Sometimes only the wealthy people in this world can afford to buy. These types of watches that are can be worn together with stunning tuxedo or maybe gown that comes with sparkle such things as silver and gold. For instance just like Rolex, Bvlgari, Franck Muller, Patek Philippe and various types of branded watches.

G-Shock extreme test

G-Shock DW-9052 extreme test. 48 hours. -18°C

The other what I called a real watch, are a durable and rugged watches. These somewhat type of tough watches is somewhat more suitable and ideal for extreme outdoor activities where oftentimes accident happens or condition as falls, drops, bump, or even stumble are common.

Nevertheless there are lots of option that lie in the middle of all those type that claims both style and toughness, and yet apart all of that, personally I’m usually buy stuff that I can afford and also always choose for the things I love to wear, however, quite often I’m also really feel disappointed if seeing my favorite watch break or damage right before its time.

When I was a kid, I recall I’ve had several watch so-called kid’s watches and it almost all fall to pieces and even damage. When I’m fell off from my bicycle, my cheap Casio watch ended up being torn apart. Some other watches all of the sudden dead when splashed in swimming pool. I can’t remember precisely how the other have die, but it’s all a matter of the watches not really standing up in rough outdoor activities.

My Son with my own DW5600MS

My Son with my own DW-5600MS

When my old man bought me my first Casio G-Shock DW-5600, which is my very first “real” watch. I’m never too worried about these watches getting banged up considering that my G-shock can take a beating pretty hard. That the reason why I love a tough watches. Until know.

Searching a Tough Watch

Well, this is a lot more like challenging for me. You might have your own personal preference when it comes to purchasing for a tough watch. In my opinion, when you buy a tough watch, there are lots of things to consider. The most important elements are the strap material, watch movement and shock resistant.

Strap Material
There are few different materials that are widely used to make the strap of tough watches. Stainless steel or titanium adds the ability for scratch resistance as well as tough appearance of your watch but these materials are usually not ideal for military point of view, because sometimes “undercover” mission, strap material such rubber polyurethane with matte finish material is commonly use. But if you’re a diver, these kind of type it’s good to go choose.

Watch movement
The watch movement is extremely important because low quality movement will never last especially during a fall. For this reason it is important looking more info about the watch you pick, at least to read tough watches reviews before making your selection. It is not easy to find the toughest watch for your require without looking at tough watches reviews.

Shock resistance.
Basically, most watches are strong and tough enough to protect against ordinary shock, including light bumps. However, if you’re going to be getting yourself into intensive and a rugged outdoor activates, you might want a watch that is also shock resistance. You can easily choose a well known a wide range of line of shockproof watches as well as resistance to harsh shock.

G9400 Rangeman-series

GW-9400 Rangeman Series  – one of the best toughest watches.

I’m not within the military, but IMO sturdy watch turn out to be important considering that the watch have to endure rough combat conditions, that is why they need a tough watches and part of that is having decent shock protection.

How Much Money would you like spend on a Tough watch

How much money you should spend on for a tough watches is very much depending on the particular models and manufacturer that you’ll be interested in. These types of watches in most cases can be reasonably really expensive. The style or trend in tough watches may not change as quickly as fashion watches however it does not mean that it remains exactly the same forever. If you are buying a tough watch that comes with the newest style and sophisticated modern technology, you definitely go to have to pay more.

Having said that, choosing the best watch that best fits to your character and need requires you to do some research. Going through tough watches reviews is recommended so that you have access to the largest selection of tough watches available in the market. Make sure you are clear with your personal need so that you know what things to look out for.

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