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Times are changing and so are the intentions of people. As a parent (like me), you are responsible, in the eyes of the law, for the safety, well-being, and upbringing of your child and you do everything possible to ensure their safety. While goodness prevails within most of us, many people are inclined towards the darker side of life and harm others. Amongst the most vulnerable of the lot, are usually, well.. the children.

As being parents, the safety of our child is always a prime concern. Being anxious about their whereabouts, what they are up to, who are they meeting with or even worse – abductions, is a never ending process. Fearing the things they can’t control, it develops a sense of insecurity within the parents. It is even more evident, especially when the child is out of sight or away from them.

But IMO, it’s also important for a child to become independent and grow as an individual. They need to learn to perform their tasks and handle things on their own. Stepping out of the house to play, visiting friends in the neighborhood or exploring things on their own, it gives them a sense of achievement.

However, leaving the kids alone doesn’t mean that the parents let their guard down. Irrespective of where they are, they continuously need to keep a watchful eye on their child. But there are little things we can all do to ensure that kids avoid the more serious harm. Smart GPS tracker watch for your kids can avoid such accidents and frightening moments.

GPS Tracker Watches Technology

Thanks to technology and its advancements, tracking children is now simplified than ever. Numerous gadgets and devices have made their way into the market, but a GPS watch stands out, purely because of the amazing features it has to offer. Despite that several people are still against the use of a GPS tracker for kids protection, the current trend of smart parenting using GPS trackers watch keeps increasing.

A GPS watch is one of the best real-time tracking devices that uses the GPS technology to trace the location of the wearer. Children can wear it around their wrist, whenever they step out of the house and away from the sight of their parents or guardians.


FiLIP-2– Besides displaying time and date works as a GPS locator.

Small and lightweight, the watch or smartwatch is equipped with several security features, easy-to-use interface, and a child-friendly layout, that is apt for both parents and children.

The two-way calling feature works just like a cell phone for easy voice communications. The text messaging, however, is one-sided and can only be received since the watch does not have a keyboard, which is understandable.

This kind of watch can be programmed with up to eight contact numbers that get dialed automatically, whenever the emergency or the SOS button is pressed by the child. It is very efficient when they need to call for help.

Parents can sync the watch with their respective accounts and app links, and track the location of their child through computers or smartphones. The GPS tracking helps them to find exactly where their kids are in ‘real time.’ This helps them to be ready themselves quickly in case of an emergency.

There are several tracking modes to choose from. The power saving mode sends the location updates on demand. A normal mode would send the location update every 10 minutes while the real-time mode refreshes the GPS signal every 10-15 seconds.

Of course the battery, usually having 120 hours of standby, tends to drain out faster in the real-time settings.


Omate Wherecom K3 – Kid Smartwatch with GPS tracking technology

The geo-tagging feature enables the parents to define six different safety perimeters for their children. In case a child goes beyond this virtual fencing, the watch quickly alerts the parents. In fact, the system is well designed for sending out timely alerts.

If the ‘wearing sensors’ of the device detect the removal of the watch from the child’s body for whatever reasons, the parents are informed immediately. Even when the watch is running low on battery, it duly notifies them through a text message before shutting itself off.

One of the best security features of a GPS watch is the ability to turn it into a listening device.

Parents can take control of the watch by just sending a text message from their computers to the watch, and listen to whatever is happening around the child. These works great especially when a stranger approaches the child, or the child feels threatened due to some reason.

A GPS watch is an excellent and affordable gadget for safeguarding your child.

The children get the assurance that they are never alone and can reach out to their parents whenever they want. While the parents can breathe easy knowing that the device will alert them about any potential danger towards their kids.

The following infographic gives a sneak peek about the usefulness of a GPS tracker watches. *Thanks to Rachel from otr-reviews.com to allow me to use the infographic.


image from http://otr-reviews.com/igps-watch-review/

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