How To Avoid Buying A Counterfeit Or Fake Apple Watch

If you’re in the market for a smartwatches, it’s hard to argue that more and more of “big smartwatch brand” with fake or “clone” smartwatches enter the market. The more successful the watch, the more likely it is that somebody somewhere is making clones of it and is trying to stuff it down customers’ throats – like the latest Apple Watch. Call it the attack of the Apple Watch clones. Less than 24 hours after Apple revealed details about its new smartwatch, some Chinese e-commerce sites are chock-full of knockoffs fake Apple smartwatch.

As more and more of these ‘clone’ smartwatches enter the market, the big question becomes: can you tell the difference between a real Apple Watch and a fake one? because, in most cases, people is absolutely unaware they are buying a fake Apple watch. They may even end up paying hundreds of dollars, assuming they are having an awesome deal on a real Apple watch.

Personally, I’ve practically never even come close to buy fake watch. If I buy a watch online, I’m simply don’t buy it from untrustworthy sites, only on reputed third-party sites. And if the price is too low, then I’m really ignore it for sure.

Many of the counterfeit Apple Watches being sold online nowadays, but if you read through this info graphic below from, you can learn the main differences between the Apple Watch and its imitators. If your budget does not stretch to Apple watches why not take a look at some of their latest Sports Watches?

Spotting A Fake Apple Watch
Apple Watch Infographic : thanks to Watches2U.

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