DON’T BE AN IDIOT- How To Avoid Buying A Counterfeit or Fake Watch

I don’t know why some people believe they deserve the opinion of having ‘luxury’ watches without having to go to the effort and money to buy the real things, the original or genuine one. In my opinion, anyone who buys fakes or counterfeit watch seems to be ignorant or ignore the real value that make the genuine and authentic watch far more valuable than the fakes.

Well, I don’t blame them, according to Ariel Adams (the owner wrote an article in ForbesThe Truth about Replica Watches” that “15-30% internet searchers involve people searching for replica, fake or counterfeit watches”Watches are generally one of the most mass manufactured fake items around, and for many reasons, people want to have a watch, plus the fact that most original watches are expensive. So they go after a fake watch. Yeaah I know, a lot of watches out there are over-priced. This is very common in the luxury watch industry. You can’t afford a luxury watch like this kind a Rolex Yacht Master or awesome IWC Pilot Top Gun Edition even top notch Breitling Transocean and others, so what? LIVE with it! Nevertheless, excellent watches always have top notch quality.



Personally, I’ve practically never even come close to buy fake watch. Some people might say that “fakes are good enough” Then again, I think “good enough” is a relative term. If you prefer “good enough” why are you buying a fake watch? Why not something “good enough” with better quality rather than most fakes at a price tag you can pay for?


Fake G-Shocks in US Retail Stores. *images taken from

In most cases, the buyers will realize that they are not purchasing genuine watch. But in some cases people is absolutely unaware they are buying a fake one. They may even end up paying hundreds or thousand of dollars, assuming they are having an awesome deal on an expensive watch. Another thing you should also remember if you get taken in by a fake watch either online or offline you will almost never get your money-back. There are actually no refunds or returns for counterfeit watches.

So how do you tell when a watch is really a real one?

Recently I read an e-book call Watch Trading Guide, a guide which highlighting online trading watches. Is basically showing you what to look for and avoid buying a counterfeit or fake watch. Joost Smeets, the author, who is a wristwatches enthusiast for more than 12 years. He will show you at least 10-17 websites where you can safely and securely buy watches online. So, this minimizes your risk of being cheated, scammed or end up getting some cheap fake replica watch.

In my opinion, Joost helping you to keep yourself well-informed about fake watches. In case you interest is military watches or the tactical watches, you will discover awesome of 8-10 military watch trading websites and watch auctions sites. You will be amazed how much interesting information these sites offer.

Watch Trading Guide E-Book

Watch Trading Guide E-Book. Take a look here for more detail

The book also covers so many topics such as:

  • How to spot a Replica, Counterfeit or Fake watch
  • Good websites to buy watches
    • Vintage
    • Military
    • Any type of Watch
  • Watch accessories related sites
  • Popular watch forums
  • Watch enthusiast’ sites / Blogs
  • And so on.

He ends the book with a couple of pages of useful information. Honestly, there were a lot of questions that I wanted to have answers, and surprisingly he covered them all. Surely one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time about how to buy a genuine watch. Highly recommend it. From the information I was notified, many watch buyers have been helped through this book. After you read it, you will understand why. See here for more detail. I’m offering sneak peak and  FREE sample of the e-book.

Safest Places to Buy Watches

Many watch brands do not officially sell watches online. However, more and more brands are opening up either their own e-commerce websites or are authorizing their dealers to sell watches online. These are the safest places to buy watches on the internet, and will also come with full factory warranties. I recommend that you always check those places first. and buying through authorized dealers or other reputable sites. While often “at your own risk,’ sites like Amazon offer good selections as well.

Furthermore, counterfeit and fake watch has been around for decades and is not a new trend, therefore you have to be extremely aware when purchasing watches outside of reliable dealers or authorized direct store.

DON’T BE AN IDIOT-. Always Buy Genuine Watches and Avoid Fakes!.

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