The Watch Trading Guide – Sneak Preview

As you can see at, recently I read an e-book call Watch Trading Guide, a guide which highlighting online trading watches. The book basically showing you what to look for and guide you to 3 main topics .

The online trading of watches

Learn the best shipping methods, how not to get scammed, where and how to list your watch for sale, best payment methods, how to deal with potential buyers / sellers and much, much more…

The most extensive Quality watch related link directory online available.

Forums, watch parts, trusted dealers and almost 200 links to quality watch related websites, no crappy “watch top 100’s” type websites.

Spot a fake guide

Learn what to look for and avoid buying a counterfeit watch. Reading through the pages will open up a whole new world of watch trading understanding.

Joost Smeets, the author, who is a wristwatches enthusiast for more than 12 years. He will show you at least 10-17 websites where you can safely and securely buy watches online. So, this minimizes your risk of being cheated, scammed or end up getting some cheap fake replica watch.

In my opinion, Joost helping you to keep yourself well-informed about fake watches. In case you interest is military watches or the tactical watches, you will discover awesome of 8-10 military watch trading websites and watch auctions sites. You will be amazed how much interesting information these sites offer.

The book also covers so many topics such as:

  • How to spot a Replica, Counterfeit or Fake watch
  • Good websites to buy watches
    • Vintage
    • Military
    • Any type of Watch
  • Watch accessories related sites
  • Popular watch forums
  • Watch enthusiast’ sites / Blogs
  • And so on.

He ends the book with a couple of pages of useful information. Honestly, there were a lot of questions that I wanted to have answers, and surprisingly he covered them all. Surely one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time about how to buy a genuine watch.  Highly recommend it.

SO…. JUST FOR MY READERS, I’LL GIVE YOU FREE Download “Watch Trading Guide SNEAK PREVIEW“, yes… for FREE.

From the information I was notified, many watch buyers have been helped through this book. After you read it, you will understand why. Therefore, after talking to Joost Smeets ; the Author, He’s letting me to give you a sneak peak and FREE sample of  Watch Trading Guide book before you actually buy. Bear in mind, this is only a preview.


Watch Trading Guides Preview . Click here to download.


Click here to download (*.ZIP file)

 Click here to download (*.pdf file)

Enjoy the book and thank you for the download.