G-Shock 30th Anniversary Ultimate Bible

Post : December 26, 2013

As you might know, this year Casio G-Shock celebrates 30th anniversary. Beside releasing a bunch of new series, like Limited Edition MTG-S1030BD or G-Shock Eminem GD-X6900MNM, in celebration of G-Shock’s “three decade” anniversary, Casio G-Shock present G-Shock 30th Anniversary Official Book, the perfect bible of G-Shock watches. Do you already have this ultimate book?

G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary
Special Book


Above image taken from Here

30 anniversary official

This catalog I might say, contains a huge collection photo and detail of all 2300 of the G-Shocks ever released from 1983 until 2013. The Books like the same has been published by the same publisher in the year 2011 when releasing G-Shock perfect bible 2011 ; Gekken Publishing. Ooh yes, it’s all in Japanese language.

GOETHE special editing

Unfortunately the book only available in Japan, so you can order one of these for yourself from there.

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