Casio G-Shock just released a bunch of new additions to the G-Shock line for this month, October 2015, including five new G-Shock White and Black Series, three new White and Black G-Shock Tiger Stripe models, three of new G-Shock “Sunrise Purple” series, three new G-Shock “G’MIX” GB-400 series and more.

New G-Shock White and Black Series

They were five different new models of these white and black G-Shock watches; the classic square G-Shock GW-5510BW-7, the analog-digital of G-Shock AWG-M100SBW-7, and the revival of the legendary DW-001 model; new G-Shock G-001BW-7 with fashionable black bands.

New G-Shock GW-5510BW-7

The GW-5510BW-7 is an up to date version of the classic DW-5500 model with 20Bar water resistant, multi-band 6 / Solar powered world time and multi-alarm. It’s offered here in a nice clean retro white color with black buttons and a reverse display. One would love this watch surely for the retro style it poses.

G-Shock GW-5510BW-7

G-Shock GW-5510BW-7 will be available this month at retail price ¥ 21,500. See here for update price or if available for purchase.

New G-Shock AWG-M100SBW-7

Based on the popular of the AWG-100 model, the new G-Shock AWG-M100SBW-7 is standard- size analog-digital models and improved with Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6 Timekeeping, 5 daily alarms and Full Auto LED light.

G-Shock AWG-M100SBW-7AJF


G-Shock AWG-M100SBW-7A will be available this month at official retail price ¥ 22,500. See here for update price or if available for purchase.

New G-Shock G-001BW-7

The new G-Shock G-001BW-7 is a revival of the legendary G-Shock DW-001 model that first appeared in 1994 and became popular G-Shock at that time. Their unique capsule tough design covering the case fully in resin for a unique shock resistant structure.

G-Shock G-001BW-7JF


With a white and black combination and fashionable looks of this G-Shock G-001BW-7 make it a great option for womenG-Shock G-001BW-7 will be available this month at retail price ¥ 13,000. See here for update price or if available for purchase.

New G-Shock GA-110BW and GA-100BW

Another series in White and Black series are two big case analog-digital models with black cases and white and black faces include the GA-110BW-1A and GA-100BW-1A.



These new G-Shock will be available this month at retail price ¥ 15,000 for GA-110BW-1A and ¥ 13,500 for GA-100BW-1A.  See here for update price.

New G-Shock Tiger Stripes Series

Other models in White and Black models is G-Shock White and Black Tiger Stripe camouglage pattern are the classic square G-Shock DW-5600BW-7, the GW-M5610BW-7, and the big MIL STANDARD GD-X6900BW-1. If you love a collection of G-Shock camouflage watch design, this might be a great choice for you.


The new G-Shock DW-5600BW-7 base on classic model of DW-5600 and come with white and black tiger stripe pattern all over the case and it also packed with standard G-Shock features with a negative display. Official retail price ¥ 16,000.

G-Shock DW-D5600BW-7

The New G-shock GW-M5610BW-7 similar with the DW-D5600BW-7 but with a standard LCD display and standard G-Shock features including Tough Solar power and Multi-Band 6 radio wave timekeeping.  Official retail price ¥ 24,000.

G-Shock GW-M5610BW-7

This big MIL STANDARD* G-Shock GD-X6900BW-1 with tiger-striped pattern with black and white color is gone be cool watch in your hand. GD-X6900BW-1 are equipped with a high-brightness LED backlight “Super Illuminator”, battery life ±10 years. Official retail price ¥ 16,500.


New G-Shock Men In Sunrise Purple Frogman, Rangeman, and Mudman

If you have seen these series… well, I thought PINK was the new tactical watches color… *just show how un-tacticool I am. But these new G-Shock MasterG limited edition series is quite different…awesome!.

According to due the color of G-Shock Men In Sunrise Purple Series:

We originally reported this as a pink series as the number 4 color code usually denotes red, orange, or pink, and purple is usually number 6, but this is officially named the Men In Sunrise Purple series. Judging by the new photo is does look purple though technically it’s probably a Dark Pink.

There were three different models of G-Shock Men In Sunrise Purple series; G-Shock GWF-1000SR-4JF Frogman, GW-9400SRJ-4JF Rangeman, and GW-9300SR-4JF Mudman in a new “violet hue” purple color with white lettering and black-ion plated buttons and front screws, while a carbon-fibre insert band provides excellent durability.

The Frogman GWF-1000SR-4JF  has a standard LCD display while the GW-9400SRJ-4JF Rangeman and GW-9300SR-4JF Mudman have reverse LCD displays and carbon fiber insert bands.



Retail price is ¥ 77,000 for the GWF-1000SR-4JF Frogman, ¥ 52,000 for the GW-9400SRJ-4JF Rangeman, and ¥37,000 for the Mudman GW-9300SR-4JF and will available in October, 2015. See here for detail and update price.

New G-Shock Black and Gold MasterG Series

Casio G-Shock releasing three new model of Black & Gold Series, G-Shock GWN-1000GB-1A Gulfmaster, GPW-1000GB-1A Gravitymaster and the GWG-1000GB-1A Mudmaster.


The G-Shock GWN-1000GB-1A Gulfmaster comes with dark gold bezel along with a gold crown and buttons and packed with both Triple Sensor Version 3 and Smart Access in the same watch. In addition to barometric pressure, altitude, bearing, and temperature readings, including Tide Graph and Moon Age features.


The G-Shock GPW1000 series is known as the first hybrid watch that receives both GPS and radio signals, Triple G Resist (shock/g-force/vibration) and sapphire crystal. The GPW-1000GB-1A Gravitymaster also has a gold dial ring, crown, buttons, and gold screws.


The New G-Shock GWG-1000GB-1A Mudmaster is is a Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6 analog-digital G-Shock known for its mud and dust resistance and created specifically for those whose work takes them into areas where piles of rubble, dirt, and debris are present, with Triple Sensor, vibration resistance, and sapphire crystal.



The GWG-1000GB-1A Mudmaster has a gold dial ring and a gold crown and buttons and become a great addition to Mudmaster Series. See here why GWG-1000 series become one of the best G-Shock for 2015.

New G-Shock Black and Gold MasterG series will available in October, 2015 with retail prices are ¥ 61,000 for the GWN-1000GB-1A Gulfmaster, ¥ 85,000  for the GWG-1000GB-1A Mudmaster, and ¥ 105,000 for the GPW-1000GB-1A Gravitymaster. See here for update price of G-Shock Black and Gold MasterG series.

New G-Shock “G’MIX” GBA-400 Series

The GBA-400 G’MIX is a large analog-digital model with smarthphone-link via Bluetooth 4.0 version, see here for compatibility information. There are three new color variations for the G-Shock G’Mix line-up in October, 2015; The shiny light blue of G-Shock GBA-400-2C with a black disk dial in the face, the shiny purple of G-Shock GBA-400-4C and The GBA-400-7C with a glossy white color.

All G-Shock G’MIX” GBA-400 Series features with auto time adjustment, alarm settings and other operations from a smartphone for easier operation.


The new G-Shock “G’MIX” GBA-400 Series will available in October, 2015 with retail prices ¥ 23,000 for all model. See here for update price.

Here are the other new releases for October 2015 :

G-Shock GLS-8900AR G-LIDE Aurora Light Color Series

G-Shock GLS-8900AR

New G-shock GA-110NC “NEON” Colors


ALIFE x G-Shock GD-X6900AL-2 Collaboration Series 2015


Have a favorite one of these new G-Shock series?.

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