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A Complete Overview on Choosing The Best Camo watches

Well, if you’re looking to go for a Camouflage watch, which seems to be current trend in the watches segment nowadays, you’ll need to take care of quite a few things. After all, Camo watches tend to be pretty different than almost all their other timepieces, and usually offer a rather rare combination of tough, durability and being fashionable in the same time.


Camouflage. The disguising of military personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings.

However, as they’re quite different from the ‘usual’ type of watches, one can’t just go about buying one the same way as they do while buying other watches. If they do, they more than tend to end up with the wrong choice. Well, I’m not going to blame you in any way, it’s your money after all. ?

Hence, I’ve come up with some important points to keep in mind while going shopping for this kinda watch, either camo watches for men or women even if you are going to find unique camo watch for your kids.

Also, as these watches have been quite popular over the past few years, there are tons of options out there which one may usually find to be rather confusing.

The below given tips I’ll be mentioning will ensure that you manage to keep this confusion at bay and end up with the right choice. 

Size of the Camo watch

Generally, watches are available in a large variety of sizes and sometimes we are always overwhelmed and unsure of which size to buy. Though camouflage watches are usually available only in a few sizes, the teenagers and adults ones being the most common ones, deciding on a size may not be very challenging.


HINT. Always check the watch specifications to see the diameter of the watch (or in the case of a rectangular watch, the height and width of the case). Voila! Imagine the design style, the features and price, you’re one step closer to making your decision.

However, if you simply do some thinking about which size you want to go for, you can bother less about the rest of them, making your choosing process a lot easier.

Features of the Camo watch

Camo watches are known to be quite stylish, and sometimes may also come with quite a few unique and impressive features. However, I’d suggest one to stick to something that offers features you’ll actually use than going for a Camo watch that comes with tons of features that won’t be used. This may also mean a lesser amount of burden on your pocket, as feature loaded Camo watches tend to cost quite a lot.


However, I’m sure that there’ll also be quite a lot of people out there who’d like that extra bit of style being offered by some feature loaded camouflage watches. But, if you’re just behind the style, you needn’t necessarily get something that’s high on the features’ end, as I think there’s a whole lot of extra stylish Camo watches as well.

Camouflage Watch Design

If you’re anything like most of the people out there who get Camo watches, you’re probably looking to get something stylish and attractive to replace your usual lack luster one.

And I think that for the same reason, Camo watches come in a rather wide range of designs, helping buyers go for one that appeal to them the most.


Again, I’d suggest here to not complicate things too much. You may be looking for something extra stylish, no doubt about that. However, if you go for a weirdly funky looking one, it’ll probably not be a good fit on your hand and may rather turn out to be irritating. So, coupled with design, you might want to take care of the watch’s comfortablity factor as well.

The Brand

Well, it’s probably needless to mention, but going with a good brand may be important to some. Not that the other brands may offer poor quality watches, but some people feel more relieved when they buy a well known product backed by the trust of a lot of past customers.

The Price

Last but not the least, price too is obviously something you might want to take into account while deciding on a particular Camo watch. As far as my opinion goes, it seems that the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ does seem to standing true here. If you’ve a low budget like that of around $50, you may be able to find good Camo watches, but they’ll be far from being the best.

On the other hand, if you can set your budget a bit higher to let’s say about $100 USD or $200 USD, you’ll probably be able to find a whole lot of decent Camo watches.

Camouflage Watch – The Hottest Trends

Either for fashion or function, camo watch is never entirely off-trend. From urban to businesswear, a military man to watch collector, there have never been more ways to rock your favorite military-inspired print for their watch. And at the moment in men’s and women’s style, it’s more and more become a trend as ever.

Hopefully, the above given factors and tips should be enough to help anyone looking to get themselves a Camo watch. However, you might also want to do your own research about the particular watch you’ll be going for.

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