New G-Shock GA-100MM Marble Camouflage Series 2016 Stylish Design

Casio G-Shock unveils a whole bunch new models its latest lineup for February 2016, and one of them is a brand new marble camouflage pattern G-Shock GA-100MM Marble Camouflage Series. Although the “camo” its a quite different, but the pattern look similar to the G-Shock GA-110PM Polarised Marble Series­­­ which was introduced last year. So, this new marble camouflage pattern is a great addition to G-Shock camouflage collections.


As you might know, the G-Shock GA-100MM Marble pattern base on a big GA-100 series with a marbled pattern on the case and band which is made possible by a mixed color molding process. Another special feature is the gradation coloring of the hour and minute hands, which are colored near the center and become gradated to white at the ends.

The marble camouflage it’s not just like any other G-Shock Camouflage series that boasts a sort of G-Shock military bent to them with realistic urban and woodland patterns, so the G-Shock GA-100MM Marble Camouflage Series is clearly designed as fashion statements, like the dark red tiger camo pattern, then again  it looks really great, modern and attention grabbing and awesome additions to G-Shock’s history of providing tough performance watch detailed with eye-catching aesthetics.

The G-Shock GA-100MM Marble Camo series come with basic features like ultra tough shock resistance, an auto-on high contrast LED back-light for quick reading , world time, a precise stopwatch, countdown timer, and 200M of water resistance. the GA-100MM also packed with features including a speed measurement function that will calculate your speed measured over a certain distance and battery life is rated for 2 years. See here for detail.

There were three marble pattern variations to match different styles available for you to choose.

  • The G-Shock GA-100MM-8A with Gray color and has a negative LCD display.
  • The G-Shock GA-100MM-3A come with dark Green hues color and a green-tinted LCD display.
  • The G-Shock GA-100MM-5A with Brown hues color and has a brown-tinted LCD display.





How Much?.  From G-Shock official site, GA-100MM Marble Camouflage Series retail price ¥ 16,500 + tax or it will be around $145 USD. See here for update price of G-Shock GA-100MM Marble Camouflage Series

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