Brand New Release Of G-Shock Camouflage Series – Sneak Peek Preview

This week the toughest watch Casio G-Shock released the latest new edition of their collection feature very sleek camouflage covering; The G-Sock GD-X6900CM series and the G-Shock GD-120CM series. These brand new Casio G-Shock camouflage watches have introduced as part of the G-Shock Spring 2014 collections. There are five different models and each one of them finished entirely in camouflage pattern. Check it out.

G-Shock Tiger Stripe Camo GD-X6900CM Series

Featuring a tiger-stripe camouflage motif with stripes running horizontally across the watch, the new GD-X6900CM large-scale edition of its flagship 6900 model, the model that passed the military standard MIL-STD-810 test. This is to certify that the watches were subjected to the high Impact shock, blowing rain, blowing dust and even for all-around defense test against drops and scratches. Quite tough test for a watch isn’t it?


G-Shock GD-X6900CM-Series

Anyway, The GD-X6900CM Series release in this Februari 2014 with two different camouflage pattern all over body, including the watch band, case, and watch face. Absolutely 100% camo style! 


G-Shock-GD-X6900CM-5 – Awesome isn’t it?


G-Shock GD-X6900CM-8 – in grey color.

The GD-X6900 comes in a tan/khaki color (G-Shock GD-X6900CM-5) and a grey color (G-Shock GD-X6900CM-8) in camo version, with the dial being integrated into the design. See the sneak peak below :

G-Shock GD-X6900CM-5

Actual G-Shock Tan GD-X6900CM-5 – above image courtesy of


Actual G-Shock GD-X6900CM-8 – above image courtesy of

Like always, The GDX6900CM model offers 10-year battery life as well as great construction that isolates internal components from vibration and shock. Each of those offering dials with reverse LCD features and all the G-Shock functions.

The G-Shock tiger stripe camo theme also extends to packaging design , with the box and container finished in the same camouflage pattern as the watch model.

G-Shock GD-X6900CM-8 Packaging Box

G-Shock GD-X6900CM-8 Packaging Box

How much price are G-Shock GD-X6900CM series? According to g-shock japan official site, the official price GD-X6900CM series is ¥17,000 JPY or it will be around $165 – $170, but I saw in and other online store and last time I check the price tag less cheaper on both GD-X6900CM series – sometimes belom $150. Check it out here.

G-Shock Woodland Camo GD-120CM Series

And here we come The GD-120CM Camo Series. All models of this watch come with a woodland camouflage pattern for a fresh, awesome appearance for a special style that becomes the minimalist style and design, down into an eye catching looking watch.

G-SHock GD-120CM-Series

G-SHock GD-120CM-Series

G-Shock GD-120CM come with Black and Red Camo (GD-120CM-4), Olive Green (GD-120CM-5) and Grey (GD-120CM-8).

G-Shock GD-120CM-4

G-Shock GD-120CM-4

G-Shock GD-120CM-5

G-Shock GD-120CM-5

G-Shock GD-120CM-8

G-Shock GD-120CM-8

The woodland camo theme also expands to the product packaging, with the box and container finished in the same camouflage pattern as the watch model.

G-Shock GD-120CM-8

G-Shock GD-120CM-8 “back case”

However, Casio has not yet announced the release or the retail price of the G-Shock Woodland Camo GD-120CM Series. But, it will be coming out in March or April of 2014. Click here for update price.

The Face Camouflage  – G-Shock GA-100CF Series

Although these models not officially announced by Casio G-Shock and not yet revealed G-Shock Face Camo collection, however when I check Casio Euro official site,   there are three GA-100CF series available with three different face camo pattern :


G-Shock Face Camo GA-100CF-Series

Black and Grey shades with Silver accents of GA-100CF-8AER

G-Shock GA-100CF-8AER

G-Shock Camo Face GA-100CF-8AER

Black and Grey shades with Navy accents of GA-100CF-1AER


G-Shock Camo Face GA-100CF-1AER

Original Green – Brown design with Gold accents of GA-100CF-1A9ER


G-Shock Camo Face GA-100CF-1A9ER

HOW MUCH?. Again, Casio has not yet announced the release or the retail price of the G-Shock GA-100CF Series. But, according to the discussion among watchuseek forum members, G-Shock GA-100CF Camouflage Face Series, will hit the market around April 2014. Click here for the updates.


Having said that, there were total  8 different models in the line of Casio  G-Shock Camouflage Series in 2014 at the moment, which one is your favorite? I don’t know about you, but I’m so exciting.. I can wait to have one these G-Shock Camo Series. Especially The Tiger Stripe of G-Shock GD-X6900CM-5.

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