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Admiring A Diver’s Watch – The Seiko Prospex “Baby Tuna” Special Edition

I’m not a diver whatsoever – professionally and metaphorically speaking, but I own some of the watch models which so-called diver’s watches. When I saw the new Seiko Prospex ‘Baby Tuna’ Special Edition the other day, I instantly love it. This watch is excellent! The design, the features, the looks, and feels are fascinating.

As you might know, Seiko Tuna is one of the most legendary diver’s watches and well-known for its durability and reliability. The unique shroud design that protects the bezel makes them one of the toughest watches for diver’s today and recognizable among dozens of divers.

This watch is created to meet the professional scuba diver and top-of-the-top of elite worker diver who works on extreme underwater condition. So, no wonder that Seiko Tuna has a high price due to meet a high specification requirement for commercial divers.


Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver 200m ‘Baby Tuna’ Special Edition 4R36 – ref. SRP655K1 (left) and ref. SRP655K1 (right)

As the time goes by, Seiko Tuna began to make more “populist” and affordable models. They released Seiko Prospex “Baby Tuna“,  this nickname becomes an original icon from Seiko, the affordable edition of the impressive and professionally adapted MarineMaster Tuna, with its very robust construction. Nevertheless, the Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver ‘Baby Tuna’ is a lot cheaper that Marine Master Tuna, it also has the ‘Prospex‘ (it means Seiko Professional Specification) name printed on its dial.

Back in 2015, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary Seiko Diver, they released Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver 200m ‘Baby Tuna’ Special Edition 4R36 and available in two edition. The first one (ref. SRP653K1) has a blue color on the bezel, dial, and the shroud. The second one (ref. SRP655K1) is dominating with a black color, with the hour marker is surrounded by eye-catching red color.

Big But not That Big

The first things I notice about Seiko Prospex “Baby Tuna”, this watch, is BIG; but not as big as G-Shock GWG-1000 series. Frankly, with a 50.2mm diameter, we won’t hide the fact that the size is intimidating anyone who saw it.
Despite the significant size, it feels great when you wore it, sits perfectly well on my wrist.


Seiko Prospex “Baby Tuna” Blue SRP653k1


Seiko Prospex “Baby Tuna” Black SRP655k1


Seiko Prospex Black SRP655k1 Versus G-Shock GWG-1000-1A3

Apparently, that because the particular case design, composed of a round stainless steel central part, with a curved case back – a case called ‘scallop’ – that shows no protruding lugs. Not only make it fitted in hand, but it also gives the best position for the user to be able to read the time perfectly aka high-readability. A feature that is important to the commercial diver.

Protective Shroud

Another specification of this watch is the shape of its upper case, with an “incomplete” protective shroud that protects the case and rotating bezel and allows you to clasp the bezel, even with diving gloves – a perfect feature.


This protective shroud made by Stainless Steel with a black or blue ‘Hard-Coating’ that should be ceramic (as the case back showed the use of such material). Previously made of plastic, this new material raises the overall quality. A protective shroud became the hallmark of Seiko Tuna, also appears to be dominating on Seiko “Baby Tuna.”

Automatic Movement

Seiko Prospex Baby Tuna 50th Anniversary also improved with movement in-house Seiko 4R36 with 24 jewels calibre. With the hand-winding ability and 41 hours of power reserve. It ticks at a consistent 21.600bph. The Seiko 4R36 displays the hours, the minutes, the seconds on the central axis and in a window 3, two calendar indications; the date and the day. For more detail features, you can visit www.seiko-prospex.com.

Bezel and Dial

Whatever you choose, either SRP653K1 or SRP655K1, both of them have awesome dial designs. The Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver 200m ref. RP653K1 offers a more straightforward, a classic design on the dial. A cross between a blue bezel and dial with blue strap and surrounded by indexes circled in white. The hour markers are large, to allow the maximum surface area and depth for Seiko’s Lumibrite coating.


While the Baby Tuna ref SRP655K1, appear tougher and threatening with black color theme and indexes circled in red, combined with a black bezel, 60-minute index insert in white, this watch often suggested due to the tougher looks. With its huge luminous indexes and hands, it is a simple and useful tool even under the dark blue oceans.

The new Seiko Prospex Automatic Diver 200m ‘Baby Tuna’ launched during Baselworld 2015 is definitely a dive watch that collectors with smaller budgets will for sure like – and buy.

You Will Get The Right Price

Now comes the question of actual price. The price Seiko Prospex SRP655K1 or Seiko Prospex SRP653K1 around $650 USD (depending on the models). Quite a great deal isn’t it? Like always, you can find it for less if you look around on Amazon with some retailers going as low as $550 with Prime shipping.

SEIKO SRP653K1,Men’s Prospex Automatic

Last update was in: January 17, 2018 4:38 pm
amazon amazon.com

New Seiko SRP777 Prospex Automatic

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was in: January 17, 2018 4:38 pm

$ 323.67

amazon amazon.com

Seiko SRP641K1 Men’s Prospex Automatic

Usually ships in 24 hours & Free shipping
Last update was in: January 17, 2018 4:38 pm

$ 321.40 550.00

amazon amazon.com

That might seem like a lot for a watch, which seems pretty fair given the build quality and design. Well, don’t forget that Seiko watches are great value for money. When you see what the watch does and the prices of similar watches, it suddenly becomes very, very reasonable.

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