Sneak Peak New G-Shock Series November 2016

Casio G-Shock just released a bunch of new additions to the G-Shock line for upcoming month, November 2016. One of new G-Shock series that catching my eyes including: new G-Shock GA-700 series, GA-110TX Series, G-Shock Lover’s Collection 20th Anniversary,and last but not least, my favorite G-Shock series, new Color G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000NV as part of new G-Shock Master In Navy Blue.

Heres’s the sneak peak models for November 2016;


New Front Button of G-Shock GA-700 Series

Originally, the G-Shock GA-700 series were introduced last month and available for you to buy on this November , 2016 with three different models; The black and red GA-700-1A (with positive LCD), black GA-700-1B, and red GA-700-4AJF.



New Front Button of G-Shock GA-700 Series

Additionally, these new series is equipped with standard G-Shock technology, including Shock and Water Resistance (200M), World Time with 31 time zones that includes 48 cities + UTC, as well as 4 Daily Alarms, 1/10th second stopwatch, a countdown timer, and 12/24hr formats, all in a 53.4mm case. One of important specification is the expected 5-year battery life which is relatively very long for a Non-Solar Analog G-Shock.

Price. G-Shock GA700-1A, GA700-1B and GA700-4A will retail for ¥ 14,500 + tax or around $100 USD beginning November 2016, and will be available for purchase at standard G-SHOCK retailers, including on Amazon. See here for discount price on Amazon.

New G-Shock GA-110TX Series

Base on GA-110 model, the new G-Shock GA-110TX series come up with several models, each one of them finished entirely in a Scratch Pattern similar with the GA-110HT Heathered Series. They were three new color variations to match different tastes, including the ever-popular the Black The GA-110TX-1A, White GA-110TX-7A and Blue GA-110TX-2A.



New G-Shock GA-110TX Series

G-Shock GA-110TX Series packed with all the standard G-Shock features like water resistance up to 200 meters, stopwatch and timer, 3 multi-function alarms, auto calendar and World Time 29 times zones (48 cities + UTC). Just like GA-110 series, G-Shock GA-110TX Scratch Pattern Series also powered up with anti-magnetic structure feature.

Did You Know?. Casio Baby-G also releasing their new Scratch Pattern series including Black BA-110TX-1A, White GA-110TX-7A, and Red GA-110TX-4A.

G-Shock GA-110TX-7A (left) and Baby-G BA -110TX-7A


G-Shock GA-110TX-1A (left) and Baby-G BA -110TX-1A


G-Shock Blue GA-110TX-2A (left) and Red Baby-G BA -110TX-4A

The retail price for the G-Shock GA-110TX Series is ¥19,000 + tax or around $250 USD, while Baby-G GA-110TX Scratch Series is ¥ 19,000 + tax or around $200 the and will be available this month. See here for update price on Amazon..

G-Shock Lover’s Collection 20th Anniversary 2016

Just like last year, this November 2016, Casio also releasing a pair models both G-Shock and Baby-G highlighting two “his ‘n’ hers” sets inspired by an angel and demon as a G-Shock Baby-G Christmas limited edition calls “G Presents Lover’s Collection 2016“.

There are there different models available in two matched watch sets with white and black theme colors. The G-Shock and Baby-G couple watch are suitable for a present for your loved ones this year.

Beautiful White Of LOV-16A-7AJR


Beautiful White Of G-Shock Lover’s Collection 2016; LOV-16A-7AJR


The official retail price for sets of LOV-16A-7AJR is ¥33,000 +tax or around $350 USD. See here for update price on Amazon.

Lovely Vintage of LOV-16B-1JR


Lovely Vintage of LOV-16B-1JR

While The LOV-16B-1JR series base on fashion of the 90’s; G-Shock DW-D5600LD-1 and a white Baby-G BGD-501LD-7. Both watch are finished in black and complemented with face protectors and a stylized owl/heart back-light graphic. The watches come in a special pure black red-heart box that identifies them as something truly special.

The official retail price for LOV-16B-1JR is ¥25,000 +tax or around $250 USD. See here for update price on Amazon.

Sporty of LOV-16C-7JR


Sporty of LOV-16C-7JR

The sporty LOV-16C-7JR series features a white G-Shock DW-6900 and Baby-G BG-1005 with nylon bands and Velcro straps. The watches also have devil and angel engraved case backs along with “G-Shock Baby-G 2016.”.

The official retail price for LOV-116-7JR is ¥30,000 +tax or around $2300 USD. See here for update price on Amazon.

New G-Shock Master In Navy Blue

Casio G-Shock finally releasing the G-Shock Master in Navy Blue Series in November 2016. The series consists of two Gulfmaster models including; The GWN-Q1000NV-2A and GWN-1000NV-2A and new Generation G-Shock Frogman series; the GWF-D1000NV-2 with a navy blue and yellow theme, Inspired by military colors.


New G-Shock Master In Navy Blue Frogman and Gulmaster


And here we come, the newest model of Frogman. The New G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000NV-2 has a yellow Frogman logo and “Triple Sensor” lettering, gold front screws, and a yellow inner strap. Just like previous GWF-D1000 series, GWF-D1000NV-2 has a sapphire crystal and carbon fiber insert band. The Frogman series is known for its stainless steel case, screw-lock case back, and ISO-compliant water resistance. I can’t wait to get my hands on this new Frogman.


G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000NV-2

How Much?. The retail price for the Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000NV-2AJF Series is ¥105,000 + tax , while GWN-1000NV-2AJF is ¥ 57,000 + tax . The New G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000NV-2 official price is ¥130,000 + tax. All three G-Shock Master In Navy Blue will be available this at standard G-Shock retailers, including on Amazon. See here for current price on Amazon..

As for other models that released this month, you can visit official G-Shock site here.

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