The Exclusive G-Shock New Limited Edition GD-X6900MNM Sign By EMINEM

Are you big fan of EMINEM and would like to own something that reminds you of him? Well, for celebrate its 30 year anniversary, G-Shock has team-up with Eminem for a very limited edition of G-Shock watch; The  GD-X6900MNM-1J EMINEM series, an almost bigger with further improve and slick version of the very popular G-Shock Series ; the toughest watch of 6900 series.



New Limited Eminem G-Shock GD-X6900MNM-1J available in matte black witch black reverse LC and black dial on it. The features including Eminem signature on the back cover, a large red ‘3‘ on the watch face, and a red printed outline of the Detroit skyline on the watchband.

GD-X6900MNM band

Band with Skyline of Detroit

The watch comes in a matching black box with both the red outline and Slim Shady’s signature.

 GD-X6900MNM autograph

An autograph of his alter ego, reading “Shady”

This watch definitely a badass cool style due to the dark mood of Eminem lyrics. But what is behind this team-up? Well, first of all, Eminem has been wearing G-Shocks for quite a time .

the GD-X6900MNM-1

That is a powerful team-up and the chairman and CEO of Casio America, Shigenori Itoh is well aware of that.

“With Hip-Hop, it’s as much about where it’s from as who it’s for. Eminem has an immense and loyal fan base around the world, as does G-SHOCK, making this collaboration one that will connect closely with many thousands of collective fans.”

The limited edition GDX6900MNM-1 Eminem watch will officially retail for $180 for unsigned watch. However, for the standard limitation for a limited series, G-Shock GDX6900MNM-1 is going to release a total of 2000 pcs only. So, this  watch is a very exclusive and very rare, limited run and also in hot demand and not to mention it sold out very quickly. At the Eminem site, The limited edition was available in four different package. Unsigned G-Shock Watch, Unsigned G-Shock Watch with Matching SvE Hoodie, Signed G-Shock Watch and the ultimate Signed G-Shock Watch with Matching SvE Hoodie. And you know what? there all SOLD OUT!


Casio G-Shock GDX6900MNM 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

There’s some debate from G fans on several watch forums over whether this is a good way to go, but looks pretty slick to me. I’m not a huge EMINEM fan, but this is a must buy G-Shock watch for my collection!

If miss to buy signed G-Shock GDX6900MNM-1 by Eminem, you can check out at G-Shock Amazon Store or local retailer for reasonable price.

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