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G-Shock GG-1000 Mudmaster VS GA-1100 Gravitymaster – Which One Do You Choose?

If you’re searching for a rugged watch that looks great, it’s hard to look past these two G-Shock Series; G-Shock GA-1100 Gravitymaster (or the Sky Cockpit series in Japan) and G-Shock GG-1000 Mudmaster. In addition to their robust and sturdy design, they also have features that are quite similar.

So, let’s dive down a little bit about these two G-Shock.


While these two watches look tough and masculine, in fact, both of them have slightly different shades. Although both watches does look more tough and sturdy, but GG-1000 Mudmaster series can not compare to the elegance and luxury character of GA-1100. However, if you prefer a watch that looks strong and “wild,” then the GG-1000 Mudmaster series is surely a better choice for you.


G-Shock GA-1100 Gravitymaster (left) versus G-Shock GG-1000 Mudmaster (right)

G-Shock GA-1100 series and GG-100 series, both of them are using an analog and “little bit” a digital system and have excellent features that do not exist by other watches which bring an analog system in general. Such as thermometer, dual time, alarm, timer, stopwatch, and others feature that controlled by the digital part in these two watches.

Twin Sensor

Packed with TWIN SENSOR  becomes one of the attractions of these two watches, other than their robust and sturdy design. Both sensors which installed in both watches are compass and thermometer sensor. These sensors are used to control a compass bearing and also to measure temperatures. Today there are probably not many people who still use a compass in everyday life, but of course, this will be a quite useful feature if you often travel or go to new places with a little of adventures.



To the compass sensor itself, both watches use the same separate large button located on the left side (GA-1100) and the right side (GG-1000) of these watches. Simply by pressing the button once, the compass feature will be instantly active. As you know, the second hand on the watches will move every time you move these watches, while the LCD will show the direction of the second-hand location. (Example: N = NORTH, E = EAST, W = WEST, S = SOUTH etc.).

On the left and right sides of these watches become one of areas that are so tempting. Having the same large compass sensor buttons, make these watches look both tough.

Big Buttons

G-Shock watch is designed to be incredibly easy to use, thanks to its large buttons. As for the buttons (adjust, mode, light), there are seems to be differences in the design of both watches.


In GA-1100 series, it uses plain stainless steel button which is more classic and elegant and also more favorable for professional use, especially for a pilot or someone who working in an aviation area.

But the G-shock Mudmaster GG-1000 series shows “wild side” with the use of larger buttons, with rough motive and stainless steel material as well.

Mud Resist Structure

One thing that gives the advantage to G-shock GG-1000 series is MUD RESIST feature, which is a unique construction designed by Casio G-Shock so that Mudmaster series is resistant from dust, mud, or oil that we frequently encounter while doing activities outdoors. But do not worry, because the G-Shock GA-1100 itself has been known as a tough and sturdy watch, proven by its ability to withstand up to 200 meters depth under water.

Resin Band

Consistently, the GA-1100 series still displays an elegant style on the resin band with plain and simple design. On the other hand, the GG-1000 series features a more modern design looks to provide arising motif on the resin band.


Backlight LED

Regarding lamp (Led Backlight), we have a new winner which is the G-shock GA-1100 series. It does seem like a “small flashlight” compared to the light on mud master GG-1000 series which we categorized at “bright enough” level.

Unfortunately, without the back-light on the LCD, for some of you, maybe it’s a little difficult  to see the data that are on watches display. See our quick reviews The New G-Shock GG-1000 Mudmaster – Powered Up With Twin Sensor


G-Shock GA-1100 Gravitymaster series; an affordable analog model designed for pilots can cost you around $200 USD (depending on the models). While G-Shock GG-1000 Mudmaster series has a price tag around $250 USD (depending on the models).

Anyway, below, you can find major features of G-Shock GA-1100 Gravitymaster and GG-1000 Mudmaster.

Which One is Your Choice?

Choosing one of these watches have to adapt the mood and style of your everyday life. Obviously GA-1100 Gravitymaster series is probably better suited for those who spend more time at the office with the clean and formal style of your clothes.

However, if formal fashion is not your styles, perhaps you can turn to GG-1000 Mudmaster series which looks better and reflect your free lifestyle and worn by someone who likes to explore and enjoys the great outdoors.

But of course, the choice of these two great watches, back to the person and your taste, doesn’t it?. After all, we choose watches not just because of the pro’s and con’s in functionality, but also a matter of personal taste and some un-explainable attractions.

Or maybe you will reach your pocket deeper to both of these cool watches?

image courtesy : wwww.indowatch.co.id

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