More Tactical with Luminox 25th Anniversary Watch Series

Luminox watches has been making tough watches for 25 years. To celebrate their quarter-century anniversary, the company is offering Luminox 25th Anniversary of 4 new products that highlight their commitment to high quality matched with extreme performance and also with perfect visibility.


Luminox isn’t celebrating by changing the way their watches work as much as how they look and feel on your wrist. Each of the new designs is based on a different military theme, and they’re all ready for tough use under the most extreme conditions.  

Luminox Recon Leader 8840 Series

The RECON Leader 8840 got its inspiration and some of its design input from a member of Switzerland’s highly regarded military security branch. It’s a fairly low-key design, mostly black with silver highlights.


Luminox Recon Leader 8840 Series – with apphire glass anti reflective coating

It has a bevel compass to help you determine exactly where you are while you’re keeping track of time. There’s a handy alarm, and timers to get your projects off on time. The watch’s strap incorporates a ruler that will be popular with map and chart readers and come in a military-style MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) package that also doubles as a sunglasses case.

PRICE : The Luminox RECON series will be available for purchase around $978 USD.

Luminox Scott Cassell Special UVP Series

Scott Cassell is famous for his Undersea Voyager Project, and Luminox pays tribute to him and his cause with their UVP special edition timepiece. As you’d expect, it’s designed for deep diving and combat conditions.


Luminox SCOTT CASSELL Specials Series – with Carbon reinforced PC

The UVP will really stand out on your wrist, with a safety yellow dial face and bold NATO-style yellow stripes on the wristband. If you do a lot of diving, you know how important a bold dial is when you’re trying to look at your watch in murky conditions. The UVP has a carbon fiber case with a stainless steel crown that’s sure to keep the watch working no matter how tough the conditions. Part of the proceeds of every sale of the watch will go to Cassell’s UVP charitable foundation.

PRICE : The Luminox Scott Cassel UVP series will be available with retail price around $500 USD.

Luminox ANU 4240 Series

If you want the look and functionality of a navy commando’s watch, the ANU 4240 Chronograph is for you. ANU is an acronym for Authorized Navy Use, and it means the watch is perfect for accurate performance and durability in any conditions.

Luminox ANU 4240 Chronograph

Luminox ANU 4240 Chronograph

As you’d expect from a watch made for elite military use, it’s almost entirely black, with only light gray and red for markings to make the watch less conspicuous. It has a no-nonsense rubber wristband that adjust easily over diving gear if need be. The ANU 4240 has a timer that will show elapsed time for up to 12 hours.

PRICE : The Luminox ANU 4240 series will be available for purchase around $1,200 USD.

Luminox Original Navy Seal Series

Lat but not least is a re-issue of the Luminox Navy Seal model. It’s the least expensive of the four anniversary models, but it might become the most collectible, with the number 25 printed on it in both regular and Roman numerals. At well under $500, it’s a steal.

Luminox Original Navy Seal Series

Luminox Original Navy Seal Series

PRICE : The RECON series will be available for purchase with price tag around $450 USD.

These Luminox watches are only available at Luminox retailers and distributors in your region/country.

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