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G-Shock Tan, Khaki, Desert Sand Collections – Tough Watches Aren’t Always Black

While watches do not appear to be affected by fashion trends, I do, for whatever reason, sometimes when I am wearing so-called tactical pants, I am associate it with Non-Black color G-Shock military-style watches, like Green, Olive Drab, or even with Camouflage color themes. For me, tough watches aren’t always in black. However, I am also love to wearing G-Shock Tan, Khaki or Sand and Beige color. The color that represents outdoor environments with all that mud, sand, and harsh elements.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of tan/khaki or desert sand color. In my opinion, it’s perfect color that pretty much works everywhere – urban, rural, and desert. In fact, my wife sometimes said, these color are never the less still a stylish and classic look, and the coloring is much warmer than other colors. Oh well, I guess they just the color you often see, as well as a tough look that fits in the outdoors background. But still, either your style is classic or contemporary, casual or chic, the Tan/Khaki/ Sand/ Beige is a beautiful color.


Image courtesy : www.world.g-shock.com

  • Tan is a pale tone of brown.
  • Khaki is a light shade of yellow-brown color
  • Beige is differently describing as a pale sandy fawn color,
  • Desert Sand is a dazzling tan color. It may also be seen as a deep tone of Beige.

Commonly, these kinds the type of color are all on the list of the standard camouflage colors used by the military or law enforcement. For being military and safari color style, these type of colors also really hits the spot and looks perfect when we go traveling, hiking, and trekking through the woods and mountains.

For that said, below, I gather some of G-Shock watches wrap it with full Tan, Khaki, Desert Sand and Beige Color.

Let’s start.

The G-Shock Sand Beige Military Color Series

G-Shock Sand Beige Military Color Series are the newest models released in September 2016. The three models revealed in Japan include The Classic DW-5600EW-7JF, the best-selling of G-Shock DW-6900EW-7JF, and G-Shock AWG-M510SEW-7AJF, base on one of the first g-shock analog/digital combination model of G-Shock ‘AW-500’ design.




In the meantime, these models are only available in Japan only, but the other two should see a full release. See here if available on Amazon.

G-Shock GA-100L-8A Layered Band Military Color

G-Shock GA-100L-8A base on GA-100 series, released in July 2016, inspired by the lining of military flight jackets and come with Sand Beige Color beside contrasting black inner band.



G-Shock Tan DW-5600M-8 Military Colors

The DW-5600M-8 base on legendary square G-Shock of DW-5600 models, release on back in 2015. Although base on military color, the “M” code not intended for military use, it is just a code name for this new line.




The G-Shock Desert Beige Series

Casio G-Shock released the Desert Beige Series back in 2013. This series inspired by army camouflage uniform used in desert environments. The color of the bezel and straps inspired by the beige color of desert sand. There are there different models, G-Shock DW-6900SD-8, the GW-M5610SD-8JF and the GA-100SD-8A.



In the latest Michael Bay action film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, J, Pablo Schreiber plays as security team member Kris “Tanto” Paronto wearing a Casio G-Shock DW-6900SD-8. Several other casts also wear G-Shock watches in the movie, including G-Shock G-7900-1.

13-hours-Casio G-Shock DW-6900SD-8

G-Shock G-9300ER and GW-9300ER Men In Military Colors Mudman

I’m always amazed by G-Shock Master of G line. These models were often a little bit bigger than regular G-Shocks, and their name ended almost always with MAN.

The Men In Military Colors Mudman Series (also called “Earth Tone Colors”) first released in 2012. There are two different models, GW-9300ER-5JF and G-9300ER-5 in brown color tones. The G-9300 and GW-9300 come as the successor to the G-9000 and GW-9000 Mudman models from 2006, and one of the attractive and affordable watches in The Master of G line.




image courtesy: www.gshockvisions.com

What the different between G-Shock G-9300ER-5 and GW-9300ER-5JF?

Despite relatively having the same look, GW-9300ER-5JF is Japan Only release and considered as JDM (Japan Domestic Market), although sometimes some of the G-Shock models also releasing a special edition series for an international version as well.

G-Shock Mudman G-9000-8V

As you can see, G-Shock Mudman series is a tough and durable looking watch that specially designed for outdoor activity with all that mud, sand, and harsh conditions.

The Mudman G-9000 series Mudman first released in 2006, and there are three different models and one of them in Beige color; G-Shock G-9000-3V model.



As you can see in pictures below, the beige tone of the G-9000-8 Mudman  is a little bit darker than the DW-6900SD-8. Thanks to Sjors for the heads up.



G-Shock Collection With New Taste of Military Colors.

I’m a huge fan of tan, khaki or desert sand, and beige color, and I own one of the watches mentions above. In my opinion, it’s the ideal color that pretty much works everywhere – urban, rural, desert.

So.. Which one is your favorite? – if you feel like I missed a watch that needs to be included on the list, let me know in the comments below!.

*image courtesy : g-shock.jpworld.g-shock.comg-shock.com

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