G-Shock DW-8201NT 7th Frogman – My Holy Grail

When G-Shock Japan announced they newest generation of Frogman – the GWF-D1000 series the other day, I knew that this new generation of G-Shock Frogman is going to be one of my collection in the next couple of months. I am so excited about it. Because the Frogman series is one of my favorite G-Shock model. I’m not a bad-ass G-Shock collector in any way, but I remember, my earliest G-Shock collection is the DW-5600E, DW-6600, and My first G-Shock Frogman; The G-Shock DW-8201NT 7th Frogman series.



Years back, I did not realize, I was going to have G-Shocks Frogman in the beginning, due the fact the Frogman was way too expensive for me back then and I tough the watch is too big for myself. When I got my first G-Shock Frogman, it is entirely by surprise – I think it was 10-9 years ago before I even started this website. I’ve finally received my first Frogman.

One of my closest friend who also “G-Shock junkies” ask me if I want to buy one of his G-Shock Frogman collection. However, he also told me the watch it is not in the good condition, it had a little scratch on the watch face and didn’t have original box because he lost it when he moved to a new house. He told me he had bought the watch directly from Japan, and he wants to sell it to sell it to me at the price I could not refuse. If I am not mistaken, he asked $75 – for this watch. What?!

So, I immediately say YES and didn’t bother what type of Frogman that would be. Just because I knew, he has a full collection of G-Shock Frogman series and mostly are a rare model. Well, the next day it is turn out it was The DW-8201NT – The 7th G-Shock Frogman series. Oh Man.. this is a good deal after all.







G-Shock DW-8201NT 7th Frogman first appeared in November 2000 to celebrate seven years of the first G-Shock Frogman “DW-6300” and year later they released another Frogman; the DW-8200NT2-4JR [Frogman 2000, Special Edition II]. The last DW-8200 model before G-shock introduces new Frogman GW-200 series.

When I first received the Frogman DW-8201NT, actually it’s in a good condition, it is a just minor scratch on the glass. All bezel and band are excellent, no sign of rotten or any kind. The only thing matters it didn’t come with original box. Oooh well.

Anyway, just as I thought, this G-Shock Frogman DW-8201NT 7th series is relatively large watch. There are some little holes in the edges of my wrist and the junctions where the straps and case meet. But, turn out the Frogman fits well in my wrist.





G-Shock-DW-8201NT-1JR-back case

Base on the serial number (112445) – My G-Shock DW-8201NT produces in December 2001 with the number production line of 445.

As you can see on the back case, G-Shock DW-8201NT has the 1294 module with serial number 112445. The 1294 module has relatively simple functions. Besides timekeeping, you’ll find a 24-hour Stopwatch, a 24 hour Countdown Timer and an Alarm, with three independent alarms and an hourly ring when you scroll through the functions with the MODE button.

Like most older Frogman series, G-Shock DW-8201NT quite hard to find these days. But if you were lucky, it can often be found on eBay in good condition at a good price.

After having collected and regretfully sold the other Frogman series ? . So far, I’m only have two Frogman right now; G-Shock DW-8201NT and Tough Solar G-Shok GWF-1000-1.

For years I got this watch, it wrapped it up in my wrist quite some time and never gave me any problem whatsoever except for battery replacing, If I recall, I only change twice.  Right now the only I can think of, I’m planning to change and replacing the band. If you notice, there’s a slight tear in the band on my G-Shock DW-8201NT. Overall, I am quite happy with this “Frogie”, and G-Shock DW-8201NT 7th Frogman becomes my G-Shock holy grail now.

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