The King Of G-Shock – GXW-56 And GX-56 Series

Since the release of the first King models, this had been on one of my “Wish List” series. Big, Bold, and just quintessentially G-Shock. The King of G-Shock was presented in 2010 as the biggest G-Shock model ever made as an answer to the oversize watches trend.

Back then, some of G -Shocks models were always larger than regular watches and Casio felt like they’re losing the crown of being Big and Bold with all the new oversize models from other manufacturers, so they decided to respond with this.

G-Shock GW-56

They went with the classic square shape as a tribute to the original G-Shock DW-5600 series from 1983. This watch is relatively huge to the point of being ridiculous and the best way to demonstrate just how big it is is to see it next to a regular square like my DW 5600.

When they first came out, it was available in two versions; Solar only and Solar Atomic.  A Solar Atomic GXW-56 version for the Japan Domestic Market (JDM) and a GX-56 non-Atomic version for the rest of the world.

Big Sturdy Look.

I do not think both models; the GX-56 and the GXW-56 is a G-Shock for everyone. The watch has a big sturdy look – with case dimensions of 55.5mm× 53.6mm × 17.5mm. So unless you’re a really-really a big guy this watch will dominate your wrist.

As I said, this watch is not just Big but also Over-Engineered. The KIngs was the first G-Shock to feature αGEL® (Alpha Gel) as an absorbing material. It is packed under and around the module to protect the watch from malfunctions or damage due to vibrations.

The buttons are covered with additional protection making this mud resist as well and the strap and buckle feature screws instead of spring bars.

Also most if not all versions came with a negative display and are fairly easy to read. Only GX-56SLG and the GXW-56-1BJF series; being one of the rare models that comes with a positive display. The Solar only models have a designation GX-56, while solar Atomics are GXW make sure to pay attention when buying them so you don’t end up with the wrong G-Shock.


The functions and features of the GX-56 are the same as those of the GXW-56, but then without the Atomic timekeeping. First, there is the World Time function with 48 cities and 31 time zones, then you’ve got the Alarm Function with 5 alarms (one is a Snooze Alarm) and an hourly chime. A 24-hour Stopwatch and a 24-hour Countdown Timer make this watch pretty complete.

The GX-56 and GXW-56 are both Tough Solar, so no need to worry about empty batteries.

See here for complete specs.


At release, the price of both GX-56 and GXW-56 was a bit high, but now with a price of $150 – $170 USD.- you can say that the price of this monster comes pretty close to the price of a special edition G-6900 and you get a quite complete solar G-Shock for it with the newest technology in shock absorbing. If you like a BIG G-Shock, this is the model you must get.

KING OF G-SHOCK – All Released Models

Both GXW-56 and GX-56 series comes in several different colors. Some of them has been discontinued and hard to find these days.

G-Shock GXW-56 Series (Tough Solar/Multi-Band 6)

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February 28, 2022 4:09 pm
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$198.61 $217.00
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February 28, 2022 4:09 pm
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February 28, 2022 4:09 pm
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Last update was on: February 28, 2022 4:09 pm

G-Shock GX-56 Series (Tough Solar)

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February 28, 2022 4:09 pm
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Last update was on: February 28, 2022 4:09 pm

Should be a part of your collection

As I mentioned above, both GX and GXW has a big sturdy look. It fits well on my weird little 6.5-inch wrist, despite the ridiculous size. Well, the same probably goes with my Frogman models. It’s not an easy model for people who wear long sleeves.

Sometimes I wear short sleeve T-Shirts at home and work. I have this watch for like every day and it’s difficult to take it off my wrist.

This is a very good looking Big G-Shock. In my opinion, it should be a part of your collection if you’re a G-Shock lover.

8.2 Total Score
Big – Bold G-Shock

KINGS G-Shock is ROCKS!! It is one of the MUST HAVE collection for any G-shock fans

  • Tough design
  • Alpha Gel
  • Great Feature
  • Not for everyone
  • Quite expensive compared to other G-shock watches with same features
  • Negative display
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